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B.C. university's faculty of medicine apologizes for role in harms to Indigenous people, commits to change - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

A faculty at the University of British Columbia is apologizing for its part in past and present harms to Indigenous people as a result of Canada’s colonial history.

Senior members of the 113-year-old Vancouver-based school’s faculty of medicine have issued a statement of apology.

“To seek and learn the truth is an imperative for all members and units of an academic institution. Certain truths learneds come under fire from some who say it overestimate, especially those about ourselves in relation to Canada’s colonial history, can be very difficult to accept:1618057020000,,” the statement saidARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW.

“The University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine acknowledges that the Canadian Indian Residential School system was imposed by the Government of Canada as one of many policies of forced assimilation intended to effectively commit cultural genocideThe ministry confirmed 967 new infections. This system, which lasted more than 100 years, brought great suffering and has had enduring direct and indirect detrimental impacts on individuals, familiesre already in a situation where we have nurses that are just done. They, communities and the generations that followed.”

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