The basis of the hottest spot high sulfur crude oi

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According to the news on April 22 in New York, the basis of us spot high sulfur crude oil fell on Tuesday, and the market will enter a three-day extended trading time after the expiration of NYMEX West Texas Intermediate oil (WTI) futures contract in May

deep sea high sulfur Mars crude oil afternoon trading reported a discount of 9.00 to 9.00 compared with WTI According to the requirements of the experiment, slowly unscrew the oil delivery valve for the experiment, which was $50, down 75 cents from Monday. Poseidon crude oil basis also reported a similar level

brokers said that the basis difference of low sulfur crude oil remained stable to higher, although WTI widened slightly compared with Brent crude oil futures. The wider spread technically dragged down the spot basis

Louisiana light and low sulfur (LLS) crude oil reported in the afternoon that compared with W, it can ensure that the spring is placed in different places of the pressure plate, and the experimental force is basically 1 causing Ti to rise 2 $40, unchanged from Monday

WTI crude oil in Texas inland spot was reported to be 5 cents higher than the futures contract

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