The battle of the hottest mobile channel giants

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The battle of mobile channel giants

for a project, twoorthree people, four or five weeks, rush into sixorseven VC, and the investment can be talked about. Before June, 2011, there was such a joke circulating in the mobile Internet entrepreneurial circle, which was the real experience of many entrepreneurial teams

however, since the second half of 2011, the wind direction has suddenly changed, and investors began to slowly become low-key and conservative. After getting angel investment or even round a, more than one product failed in financing

the industry began to think about the cold reality of mobile Internet: it is difficult to make profits. Mobile advertising, e-commerce and games are known as the three areas where mobile terminals are most likely to earn revenue. However, the development of mobile advertising in 2011 is not satisfactory. E-commerce has become a hunting ground for traditional e-commerce, and small teams mostly choose to do shopping guides, which is difficult to succeed. And games, after many products, namely impact testing machines, rush into this energy range for accuracy and explosiveness, are becoming a complex business with gradually diluted profits

more importantly, there is still great uncertainty in the development of mobile Internet. When, mobile operating system, communication network, and even map, voice, NFC near-field communication, augmented reality and other technologies go hand in hand, any uncertainty may lead to the collective death of a certain kind of products

the huge innovation explosion and the infinite possibility of product direction actually contain extremely high risks. VC has smelled the gunpowder in the air. The capital feast of mobile Internet is coming to an end, and the profits of mobile products that need capital supply are in the distant future

however, not all businesses related to mobile Internet are uncertain. In the past year, if you pay a little attention, you can find that Baidu, Tencent, 360 and other interconnected guys are making great strides with money, and the focus they are fighting for is mobile channels

mobile channel competition accelerates

on November 15, 2012, baidu invested nearly 50million yuan in the strategy of Zhuo master, a brush tool. At the same time, it was also reported that Baidu also invested (acquired) the Android ROM and desktop products company dim sum under the innovation workshop

not long ago, two thousand and twelve "In August, the chairman of 360, Zhou Hongyi, said that Tencent had wholly acquired the brush wizard, which had accepted a stake of about 18million yuan in 360 in April, but had repurchased it. Tencent reportedly also invested tens of millions in lefrog ROM in July. Lefrog is an Android ROM product that can't be peeled off like snack metal carbides and/or nitrides and is as famous as MIUI of Xiaomi company. In fact, in March, Tencent also acquired the main product, magic Butler (Android PC management software) Hangzhou magic music, and is responsible for housekeeper products

as early as last year, 360 has begun to cooperate with Fujian dragon company. 91 assistant under dragon is the first application download market in China. Xiongjun, the founder of IOS 91 assistant, started his business after leaving long, and made a synchronous market push on the jailbreak iPhone and iPad. At the same time, he launched a synchronous assistant, which was invested by Kaifu Li, chairman and CEO of innovation factory, and caiwensheng, a famous investor

mobile channels have been quickly occupied by large Internet companies in a year. In this scattered and messy market, this is just the beginning. If mobile products themselves are the foundation for a company to stand firm, mobile channels determine the voice of the new world and the relationship between others and you

no matter what product, it must finally connect users through channels, which is the largest quantitative in the mobile Internet full of uncertainty

why is mobile channel important? The development of traditional Internet and PC client may be a clue. Traffic is called the blood of various products, and in the interconnection with Chinese characteristics, traffic entry is an important but complex topic. Whether it is the default software installation and station shortcut in the pirated windows operating system, the address navigation in the browser, or the search engine, they have gained the right to speak to various stations and clients through the guidance of users and traffic, and become a big business. Not only that, mastering the flow inlet means mastering the soil where the product grows, so that your product can be directly used by a wide range of users

especially when mobile products are highly uncertain, mastering mobile channels means that when the direction of their own products is determined, new products can occupy the market in quantity at the first time. Similarly, if another new excellent product asks about the rejuvenation of the international market and controls the channel, it may become a thigh that excellent products have to hold. In this sense, it can't help but remind people of the story that when video stations just rose, everyone went to Baidu to send shares, because Baidu is the king of traffic in the traditional Internet

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