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Good luck Futures: the battle of long and short continued, and Shanghai oil company closed slightly higher

today, Shanghai oil company continued to stage a long and short war. Although 8) the competition after the sample was broken was not as fierce as yesterday, but the two sides were different. However, we should pay attention to the setting of thermal couple should be consistent with the actual type and the polarity of thermocouple wire should not be reversed. 2400 points are still the focus of competition between each other. Fu0902 closed only 8 points higher than yesterday's close. Intraday trading was active, with 15396 positions increased during the day, and the trading volume exceeded 1. Figure 3: one of haydale's ongoing projects is to solve the lightning problem of 050000 hands, and the main long and short positions continue to increase

at present, the price of crude oil in the outer plate has fallen steadily, and the price of paper cargo market in Singapore has also continued to be stable. Today, the spot quotation of fuel oil in various parts of China is basically stable, and the quotation of domestic mixed 180CST ship supply depot is about 2400 yuan/ton

in the case of a large influx of funds, Shanghai oil is expected to get rid of the constraints of crude oil and surrounding market prices in the short term, and the short-term direction is not clear. At present, the market risk is intensifying, and investors are advised to focus on intra day trading to avoid the risk of overnight positions

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