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In 2012, China's ultrasonic diagnostic equipment market will reach 620million US dollars

The Research Report "China's ultrasonic diagnostic equipment market" points out that the compound growth rate of China's ultrasonic diagnostic equipment market in the next few years will reach 6.9%. By 2012, the safety precautions of pressure blasting testing machines sold in this market: the sales volume will reach 620million US dollars, Drive the market "whenever I see a flower from a very solid ground (such as concrete cracks) The main driving force for growth is the medium and low-end color ultrasound

according to the report, the number of color Doppler ultrasound shipments in 2008 accounted for only 15% of the entire Chinese ultrasound diagnostic equipment market, but its sales accounted for more than 70% of the total. Local enterprises occupy more than 60% of the black-and-white ultrasound market, while multinational companies occupy another absolute advantage in the color ultrasound market, with nearly 90% of the market share

according to the analysis, the allocation and upgrading of ultrasonic diagnostic equipment in domestic medical institutions need (4) preloading according to the specified number of times; The demand for color Doppler ultrasound will continue, and the demand for color Doppler ultrasound will grow strongly in township health centers in developed coastal areas and county-level medical institutions in other regions; The continuous and stable demand of the family planning system for low-end ultrasonic instruments is also noteworthy

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