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Ultrasonic welding technology

[1] the industrial application field of ultrasonic welding

ultrasonic plastic welding machine is mainly used for the secondary connection of thermoplastic. Compared with other traditional processes (such as adhesive, scalding or screw fastening, etc.), it has significant advantages such as high production efficiency, good welding quality, environmental protection and energy saving. Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment is widely used in medical equipment, packaging, auto parts, fishing gear and other industries, such as cars, clothing, plastic toy self sealing bags, plastic wine bottle caps, dishwasher water wheels, plastic false bait, welding of charger shell and sling, welding of primary lighter shell, etc

our company produces proprietary equipment to produce supporting equipment for the automobile, toy and clothing industries. The me series ultrasonic plastic welding machine can be used for butt welding of thermoplastic plastics, and can also replace the welding head according to customer needs for riveting, spot welding, embedding, cutting and other processing processes

I. automobile: (transportation industry)

ultrasonic can weld large and irregular workpieces through computer program control, such as bumpers, front and rear doors, lamps, brake lights, etc. With the development of high-grade roads, more and more reflectors are welded by ultrasonic

II. Household appliances:

through appropriate adjustment, it can be used for: Portable fluorescent lampshade, steam ironing door, TV shell, radio recorder, transparent panel of sound machine, power rectifier, screw fixing seat of TV shell, Kaifeng Longyu Chemical Co., Ltd. is a new material production enterprise based on polyformaldehyde, mosquito reducing lamp shell, washing machine dewatering tank and other household appliances that need to be sealed, firm and beautiful

III. packaging:

sealing of hoses and connection of special packing belts

IV. toy industry:

due to the adoption of ultrasonic welding technology, the products are clean, efficient and firm, eliminating the use of screws, adhesives, glues to the ppb level or other auxiliary products, reducing production costs and greatly enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises in the market

v. Electronics:

use automation scheme design to enable users to achieve large-scale production and ensure the quality requirements of products at the same time

VI. other commercial uses:

Minghe ultrasonic equipment can be used in communication equipment, computer industry, printing equipment and audio-visual products. It brings you a simple, clean and efficient production mode and more opportunities

ultrasonic welding principle:

electronic energy is converted into mechanical energy by ultrasonic vibration, and then the energy is transmitted to the contact surface of plastic bow and arrow by welding head (horn), so that the principle of intense friction and heat generation between molecules can promote the instantaneous melting and integration of products, and the processing speed is fast, clean, beautiful and economical

welding range: toy industry, stationery industry, home appliance industry, electronics industry, food industry, communication industry, transportation industry, etc

examples of ultrasonic welding:

daily necessities industry: powder boxes, cosmetic mirrors, hair combs, lock rings, thermos cups, sealed containers, seasoning bottles, water pipe connectors, handles, bottle caps, food containers, etc

toy industry: all kinds of ball toys, stationery, water guns, plastic gifts, and flattening of internal organization that reflects efficient enterprise management will be able to implement music toys and all kinds of plastic toys

electrical industry: electronic clock, steam iron, vacuum cleaner, computer keyboard, electric fan, battery, etc

automobile manufacturing: direction lights, rear mirrors, various plastic products, etc

rotating fusion principle:

is designed for plastic circular thermoplastic products. By the heat generated by the friction between plastic workpieces, the contact surface of plastic workpieces melts, and then driven by external pressure, the upper and lower workpieces solidify into one, becoming a permanent combination

examples of rotary melting: RO filter element, freezing cup, thermos cup, vase, carburetor, shower head, hot water bottle bladder, faner street, etc

hot plate welding principle:

use the template to heat it to the required temperature, and then place it in the middle of the joint surface of the plastic workpiece and the workpiece, so that the heat is concentrated on the two joint surfaces. When it is heated to produce fusion, exit the hot template, and then use the external pressure, so that the workpiece is integrated, which becomes a solid and durable function. It can handle welded objects, with high hardness, complex shape and huge volume. All products can be solved

hot melt examples: car lights, outdoor refrigerators, door panels, air pumps, water storage tanks, vacuum cleaners, hole balls, CD boxes, washing machine balance rings, rhythmic dance pedals, etc

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