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Ultra thin glass bottles with polyester reinforcing layer

the glass factory in Duesseldorf, Germany, has developed ultra-thin glass bottles packed in one kilogram. This kind of ultra-thin glass bottle has posed a threat to the common polyethylene terephthalate bottle. Because the weight of this ultra-thin glass bottle is slightly heavier than that of the polymer bottle only because of the thermal decomposition of molecules, but the glass bottle will not affect the taste of the drinks contained in it at all. The impurities in the bottle, when the plasticizer in the polymer material, will not be converted into a solution. In addition, the ultra thin film glass bottle can be reused, which can be reused for more than 70 times. Finally, it can be recycled and melted, and the glassware can be remanufactured, which optimizes the key technologies such as deformation rolling and heat treatment

use this ultra-thin glass bottle to contain mineral water or lemonade. Each can is packed with 6 bottles of 1kg, which is 3.5kg lighter than the same box of ordinary glass bottles, that is, each bottle is nearly 0.6kg lighter on average. In addition to reducing packaging costs, it can also save transportation costs

statement of the rapidly growing market scope:

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