The hottest Ultra Mini liquid plastic 3D spray gun

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The Ultra Mini liquid plastic "3D spray gun" is simply a repair artifact

when it comes to 3D printers, you must feel familiar and strange. I'm familiar with the fact that there are always reports on how awesome 3D printers are, printing biological models to save lives, and so on; Strangely, it should have been a consumer product, but how many families have it

yes, 3D printer should have been a product for families and small and medium-sized enterprises. It is as popular as inkjet printer. Family users can print gadgets such as toys and tableware, and enterprises can print design prototypes. Unfortunately, the uncontrollable cost and practical limitations make it impossible to become a necessary tool for every family

maybe the form of printer is not suitable for the popularization of 3D printing at all? A company (6) whose electrical control circuit is called bondic according to the international standard has changed, trying to find out the real "sweet spot" of 3D printing. In fact, its attempt gives people hope

this gadget called "bondicevo" cannot be strictly called a 3D printer. It is more like a "liquid welding gun", but its operation principle is somewhat similar to that of a 3D printer. For example, it uses plastic balls as raw materials, which can be extruded into any shape according to user needs after melting, and then it can be fixed and formed in 4 seconds through UV lamp

for example, if the data line is cracked, you only need to use bondicevo to apply such terms at the fracture. There are many ways to apply plastic solution evenly, and then turn on the UV lamp for 4 or 5 seconds, and the data line will be reborn

cracked corner of table? No problem, bondicevo can also cope with it. It's OK to apply it evenly and irradiate it for a while. It can be said that there is basically no damage that bondicevo cannot handle. It is really a "repair artifact"

interestingly, bondicevo was invented by a German dentist, whose name is thomasoffermann. When filling teeth for patients, he suddenly had an inspiration, so he raised funds on KickStarter crowdfunding station, and finally successfully obtained user support and went public

thomasoffermann has designed several prototypes after several years of efforts, referred to the concept of 3D printers, and finally designed them into a practical tool the size of a toy water gun, which is a major breakthrough compared with general 3D printers. In addition, its price is only $17 (about 115 yuan), and the low price is undoubtedly an important factor recognized by users

obviously, a person in charge of the enterprise said that 3D printer manufacturers should refer to bond to see the structure and operation method of the concrete pressure testing machine cevo introduced by our technicians, which will bring some more convenient and cheap 3D printer like products, and may change the dilemma that products cannot be consumed

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