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Ultrasonic metal plastic welding technology iPhone will be lighter and stronger in the future

the U.S. patent and Trademark Office announced a patent called "ultrasonic welding technology of plastic and metal fusion", which was submitted by apple in September 2011, and the inventors are Christopher David press and Douglas Weber. The document describes a method of permanently fusing plastic materials with rough metal surfaces using ultrasonic technology

if there is a problem, we will give you a detailed solution. Ultrasonic welding technology is no longer a science fiction concept. In the future, more factories will establish this kind of welding technology, which is more reliable than adhesives. Adhesives cannot achieve the best effect for some materials. However, ultrasonic welding technology will encounter difficulties when used on two different materials, such as metal and plastic materials

Apple said in its patent that the cooperative discretion of thermoplastic and other materials will turn into liquid at a relatively low temperature, while metals and other materials need a very high temperature to meet the welding requirements. This problem has always seriously restricted the use of ultrasonic welding technology

it is impossible to weld plastic parts to metal materials. This limitation makes designers unable to use the best scheme in specific design, such as housing and electronic equipment with complex functions

in most cases, if a company wants to use the metal parts in a product on the plastic platform, it has to use the maximum range adhesive in the range jump to fuse the parts of the two materials. This approach does not provide the best solution, especially for products like iPhone

the solution proposed by apple is to use metal materials with rough surface and melt plastic materials. In this way, plastic materials will be fused with metal materials by ultrasonic welding. In the patent application document, apple mentioned that this process can greatly improve the manufacturing process of iPhone and iPod product lines. This new technology can be applied to all external and internal components, that is to say, in the future, the iPhone will be made of metal outside and plastic inside, which will not only strengthen the iPhone, but also not increase the weight of the iPhone

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