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Talk about the printing industry through the ups and downs of 2011, ushering in a new 2012

2012 is coming, but this time I want to talk about 2011. In early December last year, I received an invitation from Heidelberg company for the year-end party. The moment I opened the email, my eyes lit up. I saw how charming the printing was. This unique party theme made the printing delicate and soft, which was quite different from the conventional impression of our industry

as a media practitioner, I have participated in at least hundreds of industry conferences, forums and publishing activities of various types, large and small, in more than ten years. Without exception, the themes of these meetings are either passionate, generous, wise, or plain and professional to answer your customers' operational problems, but no one has ever connected charm with printing. Even in media reports, printing is more masculine than feminine. The originality of Heidelberg company really opens a new perspective for us to examine printing

in recent years, the situation of the printing industry has undergone some changes. The micro ecology of enterprises has encountered many challenges. The mentality of many entrepreneurs does not look gorgeous, even slightly gloomy. Facing the industrial reality of intensified competition, declining wages and low profits, a professional who runs a small enterprise exclaimed that it is not easy to do printing, and at the same time shouted: the dignity of printing people has been greatly damaged. When exclamation and anxiety gradually become normal, the difficulty of printing will be amplified, and the beauty of printing will be intentionally or unintentionally ignored, let alone charming. However, when adopting such methods, we need to pay attention to the impact of the inertia of moving objects on the experiment. Is printing really an industry insulated from the United States? This is not the case

as a means of information dissemination and visual communication, the beauty of printing presented by books and newspapers can enlighten people's wisdom and temper life; The beauty of printing presented by packaging and decoration can shape brands and promote circulation; The beauty of printing represented by securities can invigorate finance and prosper the market

the problem is that because the process is more cumbersome, why can printing, which can cultivate the spirit of the people and promote economic prosperity, fail to decorate the dreams and dignity of people in the industry? The fundamental reason may be that our understanding of the industry has deviated. As entrepreneurs, do we pay too much attention to the instrumental value of printing as a means of profit, while ignoring the benefits it brings to customers and society? Even if we return to business itself, the fact may not be as heavy as the appearance. Is the customer difficult to deal with? In the market-oriented trading environment, which industry's enterprises do not grow in the binary relationship of game + cooperation with customers? Is printing very profitable? Combined with the data released by the publishing department, it is estimated that the current average profit margin of printing enterprises is about 7%, which is not only ahead of the average profit margin of national industrial enterprises above Designated Size (about 6.1% from January to November 2011), but also much higher than the average pre tax sales profit margin of 1.4% of American peers in 2010

I had a long talk with an entrepreneur friend who came all the way from Guangdong a few days ago. His words inspired me a lot. He said that the profit of printing now is certainly much lower than that of more than a dozen or more years ago, but the high profit at that time was a historic opportunity, not a normal one. Although the current industrial environment is more challenging, he said he enjoyed the feeling of printing very much, because this industry is so cute

the so-called environment is generated by the heart. When facing printing with an anxious heart, we see more gloom and helplessness; When we face printing with a calm heart, we will find it more beautiful and even charming

after careful consideration, the word "charming" actually contains two meanings: one is beautiful and lovely, and the other is weak and pathetic. Using it to describe printing is quite "with the continuous accumulation and development of Ningbo's new material industry". For those in the industry who are in the period of industrial reform, if I want to see how charming printing is, I should not only find the beauty and loveliness of printing in the challenges, but also understand the softness of printing. Although printing is a seemingly masculine industrial industry, a good industrial environment is not easy to come by, and it is very weak, which needs the pity and maintenance of every practitioner

after the ups and downs of 2011, we usher in a new 2012. No matter how many challenges there are on the road ahead, I hope the industry can calmly face them with a charming attitude

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