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Talk about the development of local stations

after twoorthree years of networking, I began to think about portals and tried to develop regional alliances, but finally embarked on the road of developing local stations without changing the structure and working state of the original machinery and equipment. Summing up experience, why did I do it again? First, I don't have a good idea in networking. Second, I work locally and have many local resources, Why don't we get the moon first? There are still places with the advantages of local development. What I need to do is to integrate and use my accumulated experience and accumulated resources

I firmly believe that there must be a world of regional portals under the interconnected sky. The fact of stopping the set friction experiment has always proved this, such as Shanghai, Yangzhou, etc. I believe that my Langfang community will also break out of the siege and achieve a world under the Langfang sky

the most important thing in networking is to strengthen confidence, and the other is to persevere and be firm that we will succeed

I am willing to share my Langfang community with you and discuss the way out of regional stations with you

I suggest several points to be done for local stations

1. Don't be too greedy, that is, you can't want everything. Finally, you can't do anything unless you have strong funds. I suggest you seize one point, attack first, soft and tough: big elongation at break, do it. I don't believe that this alliance and that alliance can drive sub stations by relying on the advantages of the main station. We do local stations, we must not be afraid of them. After all, they don't know the place as well as we do

2. We should strengthen our confidence and do a good job in the long-term war

3. To go to the market, we should first integrate with the market, and don't build cars behind closed doors. Our advantage is right in front of us, that is, every city in front of us will launch 1000 new energy vehicles to carry out demonstration and operation sites. To be a local station, we must first understand the market, and don't wait for the market to find you after the station is built. You should find the market

4. Close to the people, Think what the people think (it depends on yourself to explore in the market)

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