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Talking about the video monitoring application of rail transit

encountered the global financial tsunami. In order to stimulate the economy, the state will invest 2trillion yuan in the railway during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan to select the preferred large manufacturer of experimental machines". The large-scale construction of rail transit will greatly promote the application of security products and provide a huge security service market

as we all know, railways and subways are the primary targets of terrorist activities. The serial bombings of Madrid's 311 railway, London's 77 and 721 subways and the bus delivery at that time have all been vividly remembered by the world. In terms of solving the case, the 77 serial bombings in London can be analyzed as suicide bombings within six days of their occurrence, and several young local suspect can be identified as the perpetrators. In just 13 days, the police can release the first TV surveillance image of the four bombers before their final action, mainly relying on video surveillance cameras all over the bustling area. There are 1800 cameras in London Railway Station alone, In London underground, there are more than 6000 cameras in operation. It is reported that the history of using cable fault tester is also long. It is the result of calling and analyzing the image data of these cameras for tens of thousands of hours. Video surveillance has become the most important and effective tool to ensure subway and railway traffic safety and provide crime information

in order to ensure the safety of the Olympic Games, Beijing has also installed more than 4200 cameras in 123 stations of the eight subway lines that have been opened for 24-hour monitoring. 243 security checkpoints equipped with X-ray machines and other different types of security inspection equipment are set up, which can effectively detect all kinds of contraband such as firearms, knives, explosives, inflammables and so on

the security application of rail transit can be divided into two categories: the application taking the platform area as the surface and the application taking the rail line as the line. Due to the rapid operation characteristics of rail transit and the geographical characteristics involving a wide range, the networking architecture of its security system is the most desirable, and it is also a scheme to make the system more efficient. If the funds permit, adopting high-definition camera system in one step is the most ideal and best policy. Of course, one is 200N produced by other companies

in a broad sense, the security application in rail transit is not fundamentally different from the traditional security technology, but focuses on the object of application and the focus of application. It also focuses on video image monitoring, as well as the control and management of all kinds of access control and passive or active alarm when possible dangers are detected. Of course, for the joint monitoring system of long-distance and high-speed railway, like the construction of safe city system, it is not only faced with many problems related to the applicability and cost performance of the system, such as the collection method of a large amount of image information, broadband transmission route, massive storage scheme, efficient management platform and so on; There is also the problem of systematic operation efficiency. Here, the use of IVS (intelligentvideosuvrveillance) technology for intelligent video analysis of images should be an indispensable and important link

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