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Talking about the application and promotion of paste bottom packaging bags and their professional equipment

adding papermaking PVA water-soluble fiber paper bag paper is a new environmental friendly bag making material, which is to mix water-soluble fiber (different water-soluble temperature indicators can be selected) with pulp in a certain proportion (depending on the production of different paper varieties) (the purpose is to make water-soluble fiber dispersed and evenly distributed), and then produce paper bag paper according to the normal papermaking process, The water-soluble fiber melts or semi melts when it passes through the drying roll, which plays a role in bonding, strengthening and improving air permeability

the addition of papermaking PVA water-soluble fiber paper bag paper has the following advantages: a) papermaking PVA water-soluble fiber forms a hydrogen bond bonding force between its free hydrocarbon radical in its molecule and pulp fiber, and because the strength of water-soluble fiber is much higher than that of any pulp fiber cone, coupled with the bonding effect of semi melting in the processing process, the elongation, tear, tensile strength, folding resistance and printing surface strength of the finished paper are greatly improved, At the same time, it does not affect the ink absorption performance of the paper. The paper with higher quality can be produced with poor papermaking pulp (waste pulp, straw pulp, wheat straw pulp, reed pulp, etc.), which greatly reduces the cost of raw materials. You can also use the same pulp to reduce the paper weight (adding 1-3% of this fiber can reduce the paper weight by more than 15% as instructions or specific instructions for users in classroom teaching). b) After adding PVA water-soluble fiber in papermaking, the production of paper of the same quality can greatly reduce the addition of wood pulp, reduce wood consumption, basically meet the product supply in Central China, and meet the environmental requirements of sustainable development. c) PVA water-soluble fiber for papermaking has excellent weather resistance and will not change after long-term storage in sunlight and air, so it can improve the storage life of paper. d) The paper produced by adding PVA water-soluble fiber can be completely recycled. Its water-soluble fiber is dissolved in water and naturally biodegradable, without any pollution to the environment. e) The air permeability of the finished paper can be changed by adjusting the fully soluble or semi soluble state of PVA water-soluble fiber in the papermaking process

1. In terms of cement packaging, the building materials Packaging Committee of China Packaging Technology Association has always advocated the improvement of cement packaging, supported the development and promotion of new materials and new lines, formulated reform goals and reform plans for many times, promoted the process of changing joints into pastes, and achieved certain results. In the recently formulated "Tenth Five Year Plan for the development of building materials packaging industry", it is clearly stipulated that the expected goal of cement packaging is "to discard all seams and paste cement paper bags, use machine-made paste bags, and develop a series of products below 50 kg.", Establish the guiding ideology of "breaking the traditional labor-intensive manual operation mode for many years, replacing the new idea of arming the industry with high and new technology, so as to greatly improve the scientific and technological content of the main products of building materials packaging, and change from the guarantee of quantity to the satisfaction of quality". The 2002 new national standard has established the status of paste bottom packaging bags

2. In terms of grain packaging improvement, especially flour packaging, has been listed as the focus of future packaging improvements such as furniture and ceiling. Its development direction is the paste bottom packaging bag made of new high-strength reinforced paper. Suppose the oil level in the oil tank is lower than the high oil window

3 In terms of packaging of chemical raw materials, some products are currently packaged with paste bottom and film plastic woven bags produced by imported equipment, which is in short supply. In order to improve the packaging of products, some enterprises are looking for or consulting domestic paste bag equipment. Other aspects, such as the packaging of tea, medicinal materials, food and other products, are also facing packaging improvements. The preferred bag type is also paste bottom bag

4. Thick materials are packed in iron barrels, wooden barrels and plastic barrels, and are improved to be packed in paper bags with pasted bottom. Its advantages have emerged

in a word, the direction of changing sewing to pasting is certain. The paste bottom packaging bag will replace other bag types in a large area, and its social and enterprise benefits will be fully displayed. (end)

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