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Guangzhou's first smart street lamp integrated with high-power DC charging pile

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Guangzhou's first smart street lamp integrated with high-power DC charging pile: charge for 10 minutes and run 100 kilometers

China Power News correspondent huangyiliang, he Jingzhi, cenhaifeng, Song Chao reported that recently, a number of new smart street lamps appeared on Tianhe south 2nd Road in Guangzhou. This batch of streetlights is the first time in China to integrate streetlights with high-power DC charging piles, "charging for 10 minutes, running for 100 kilometers", which greatly solves the pain point of charging new energy vehicles. It is reported that this batch of street lamps is the pilot project of smart street lamps built by Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of Nanfang power, and the first project put into operation within the first batch of pilot projects in Guangzhou

it can be seen that video monitoring, base stations, road signs and other elements are integrated on this simple and clear high barrier film street lamp pole. The touch screen on the street lamp base can also be used for citizens to check road conditions, connect WiFi, search city information, etc

this "multi-purpose" smart street lamp perfectly interprets the development thinking of resource co construction, sharing and co governance. It is understood that after the integration, the road poles of Tianhe south 2nd road have been reduced from the original 52 poles to 35 poles. The improvement effect of the street environment is obvious. In the long run, it can also reduce the cost of social public utilities

the smart street lamp has also laid a foundation for Guangzhou to promote the construction of 5g network pilot cities and smart cities. 5g is China's national talent to make the whole experiment process more smooth. Now, Guangzhou has entered the track development strategy of legalization. As a pilot city of 5g network, the demand for 5g micro base stations in the future is huge, which is much higher than the traditional 4G network. Smart light poles can provide carrier, power supply, communication and other basic guarantees for it. According to the person in charge of the planning and Development Department of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of Nanfang power, as a high-quality carrier of micro base stations, smart road lamp posts will provide the best way for 5g network layout in the future. At present, there are 4 existing base stations integrated with Tianhe south 2nd Road street light poles, and 20 will be integrated in the future

it can be seen at the site that some of the lamp poles are also equipped with DC charging piles for electric vehicles. According to the person in charge, as one of the first pilot projects, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, in order to support the rapid charging of new energy vehicles, pioneered the integration of high-power DC charging piles and smart street lamps in China, with a charging power of more than 60 kW and a half-hour charging capacity of 80%. "Ten minutes of charging and 100 kilometers of running have greatly solved the pain points of slow charging and difficult charging of new energy vehicles." It is reported that at present, domestic smart street lamps are generally only integrated with AC slow charging piles. The power is generally only about 7KW, and it takes about 8 hours to fill, which is not very practical

this smart street lamp is also equipped with a secondary anti leakage protection device independently developed by Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, which has a wider protection range than the traditional street lamp protection device, leaving no protection dead zone. It can not only protect single street lamp pole facilities, but also effectively protect the power supply safety of the whole power supply line. On the other hand, the sampling is more accurate and the response is more sensitive. Once the leakage current is detected, the protection device will quickly cut off the fault point, greatly improving the power safety of street lamps

"this project deserves the strong support and promotion of the government!" Chenzhiying, executive vice mayor of Guangzhou municipal government, spoke highly of the smart street lamp project after visiting

it is reported that in recent years, smart street lamp projects have been paid more and more attention by cities at home and abroad. Urban street lamps are widely, evenly and intensively distributed, which can become a high-quality carrier of the urban IOT, help promote the interconnection of all things, benefit from the innovation of "ping an ★ experimental process based on big data application, realize the imitation and reproduction of the city", "driverless" and other modes, and promote the improvement of urban beneficial management and service level

at present, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of Nanfang power is responsible for the operation and maintenance of nearly 190000 street lamps and 70000 street lamp poles in the 6 central areas of Guangzhou, with mature technology. Its power distribution facilities and pipe gallery resources cover the whole city, and optical fiber covers the main roads of the whole city; Suinengtong, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, has a complete system in optical fiber network operation and electric vehicle charging pile industrial chain, and has accumulated sufficient experience and technical reserves in the promotion and construction of smart street lamps. In the future, it will devote itself to the investment, construction and operation of smart Street lamps, and help the construction of Guangzhou smart city

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