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Collaborative development and win-win future -- three trees' journey of China's top 100 decoration enterprises

collaborative development and win-win future -- three trees' journey of China's top 100 decoration enterprises

July 30, 2020

a bay of green water reflects the blue sky, and litchi trees on both sides dye the litchi garden. The trip to Putian of top 100 decoration enterprises started at the headquarters of sankeshu Putian on July 17, 2020. Big names in the decoration industry gathered in sankeshu "zuimi" park to discuss the development of coatings

in this inquiry tour, industry bigwigs first had an in-depth understanding of the three trees strategy, high-end product innovation, and even exceeded the profit models of developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. As a coating industry closely related to people's lives, sankeshu has always been concerned about the good life of human beings and home health since its establishment 18 years ago. It is committed to building a "six in one" green building material integrated system of interior and exterior wall coating, waterproof but not ideal in terms of finished products and prices, insulation, flooring, auxiliary materials and construction. It is also committed to building a one-stop integrated system of high-quality coating, supplemented by new home materials, and fully equipped with basic and auxiliary materials, which is healthy, color, grade The service integrated solution for a better life serves the country by brand and industry, serves the industry and promotes the healthy development of the industry

seeing the general trend is the best strategy

Ms. liuaihua, executive dean of Zhuyan business school, a well-known consulting institution in the home decoration industry, shared with you her recent observations and insights on the changes in the home decoration market trend. Foreseeing the future, China's paint market has a very large space. The renovation of old houses, the transformation of old residential areas, urbanization, and the upgrading of consumption without Cui Lixin's judgment have all brought us huge market demand increment. The people's growing need for a better life has given the market more room for growth

cultural guidance, adhere to

Chairman Hong Jie personally visited the exchange site for cultural preaching, introduced the characteristic corporate culture of three trees to the big stars in the decoration industry, and passed on the charm and power of culture. Sankeshu is an enterprise with a beautiful original intention, strong ambition and a hundred billion yuan dream. All along, sankeshu has been doing industry, keeping its main business and doing business. Every step of the struggle process has confirmed sankeshu's dream and promoted sankeshu's high-quality, leapfrog and high-speed development

the strong vitality brought to three trees by the corporate culture has made three trees grow from scratch and from weak to strong, becoming a powerful coating enterprise in China. In 2020, the world's top coating manufacturing enterprises ranked 15th, the global architectural decoration coating enterprises ranked 13th, and the global future coating listed companies ranked 10th in the market value rankings

at Putian station, sankeshu, one of the top 100 decoration enterprises, has arranged a rich cultural feast for the industry celebrities, participated in the 15th sankeshu litchi Cultural Festival, experienced the activities of sankeshu characteristic litchi Cultural Festival, and felt the characteristic cultural atmosphere in addition to sharing and communicating with each other and monitoring the current situation; Nanshan meditation, go to Guanghua temple, known as the first famous temple in Bamin, to meditate and comprehend Buddhism and life; Go to Meizhou Island, a holy land for praying, to learn about Mazu's popular culture, explore Mazu cultural relics, and pray for blessings

the journey of the top 100 decoration enterprises has opened a new era in the transformation of high-end retail decoration channels in sankeshu. Sankeshu will always adhere to strategic determination and cultural confidence, cooperate with like-minded people, make concerted progress, create extraordinary brand influence, and continue to create a better life for people

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