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Coin sorting counting and packaging machine

a coin sorting counting and packaging machine, including a mechanical sorting and packaging mechanism, a counting function module and a control module; The mechanical sorting and packaging mechanism includes drive motor, rotary table and coin box at the bottom of the rotary table. In 2017, the excellent improvement of the experimental machine by Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. has been successfully completed and the packaging/coin box has been successfully completed; The outer ring at the bottom of the coin box is the starting end, the rotary table is the bottom edge, and a coin inlet channel is set towards the outer ring. A coin inlet baffle is set at the top of the coin inlet channel. The outer ring of the rotary table is evenly set with multiple coin holes. An open ring brush body is set above the rotary table, and a leaky disk is set below. The outer ring of the leaky disk is opened with a leaky hole from small to large; The counting function module comprises a microprocessor, a display module and a photoelectric induction device arranged at the leakage hole; The control module includes microprocessors. "This solar aircraft adopts a large number of high-tech electronic switching devices and buttons from Bayer materials technology. After setting certain parameters, the coin sorter of the utility model can automatically sort, package, count, count, display and report the status of coins, facilitate the classification and packaging of coins, and accurately count the classified coins

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