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College students set up a new recycling mode for waste plastic bottles

the money in the bank is familiar to everyone. But there is a green bank in Xiasha, but it is strange that the wires of the sensor can not be short circuited, because what it saves is not money but old plastic bottles. Although it can not be converted into cash when you deposit it in a plastic bottle, the green bank will reward you with some small gifts for your environmental protection actions

the green bank was invented by the students of the environmental protection association of Zhejiang industrial and Commercial University. Of course, its purpose is low-carbon and environmental protection. Summer is coming, and more students are drinking drinks. The large and small plastic bottles can be seen everywhere, so the green bank is busy again

we set up a stall in the school to recycle the plastic bottles in the hands of the students. We have a booklet to register the Department and name of each student who comes to save the bottle. If you are a large household, you can open an account, just like a bank. It will be much more convenient when you deposit again in the future. Linghongru, the head of green bank, told me

there is interest on saving money, and there is also interest on saving plastic bottles. Linghongru said with a smile that all the students who come to deposit plastic bottles will receive a green card, which is equivalent to a small voucher. In the future, they can exchange some gifts from the club, and they can also take priority in the activities organized by the club. And, like supermarket points, the more green cards you save, the more gifts you can exchange

the money from selling plastic bottles is used as the expenditure of environmental protection departments around their own functions

green banks often set up stalls in schools to recycle plastic bottles. Especially in summer, many people drink drinks with the same color depth and toughness. Linghongru said that the students supported this activity very much. Some students saw that the green bank was setting up stalls, and they even went to the dormitory to give us the extra plastic bottles. Therefore, at least thousands of plastic bottles could be recovered when setting up stalls at one time

however, the location of thousands of bottles is really a headache for environmental protection volunteers. After all, it takes up too much space in schools

later, we sold all the plastic bottles to the purchase station near the school and opened a green account in the bank with the money. Although the amount is not large at present, this fee will be used exclusively for environmental protection publicity. Linghongru said that they are organizing a large-scale event to publicize the importance of environmental protection to more people in conjunction with school associations such as Zhejiang University of technology

in addition to plastic bottles, green bank will also recycle other waste products, such as old books and old packaging boxes. Every time, a recycling day will be held

now, the green bank is very famous in the school. Many students will take the initiative to save the waste products and wait for the recycling day

their goal: a while ago, Xiasha urban management carried out urban cleaning activities, and green banks went out of school to promote low-carbon environmental protection to Xiasha residents. The new model attracted the attention of many citizens

a staff member of Xiasha urban management said that many of the ideas of college students can be used for reference. They will organize more college students to participate in urban management. For example, the green bank also recycles waste products and plastic bottles, but it is very interesting and easy to make people feel involved. There should be more such green organizations

linghongru said that students are preparing to connect all schools in Xiasha and set up a green bank recycling point in each dormitory and teaching building. With more points, it is more convenient to recycle. Just like today's ATMs, their goal is to spread green dots all over the sand

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