The hottest cold wave is coming, the warmth in the

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The cold wave is coming! XCMG loaders are always accompanied by the warmth in the wind and snow

the cold wave is coming! XCMG loaders are always accompanied by the warmth in the wind and snow

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recently, a large-scale and high-intensity snowfall has affected civil aviation, railway and highway passenger transport in some areas to varying degrees, and some areas have been seriously blocked

in the face of this situation, in order to minimize the impact of snowy weather on citizens' travel, ensure road traffic safety and order, many places actively respond to windy and snowy weather, carry out deicing operations, sprinkle snow melting agent, set up traffic safety signs, clean up snow, sprinkle salt snow and other measures, forming scenes of "warm scenery" in the ice and snow, which also drives the paintbrush of the plotter to move left and right

accompanied by wind and snow, we are the guardians of the people.

the cold wave hit Lu'an again. The snow caused deep snow on urban roads, which greatly affected the travel of citizens. Since the early hours of the morning, nearly 7000 people have gone out to fight with dozens of snow removal equipment, ensuring the travel of citizens

on the 312 national highway, although it was nearly noon, a XCMG lw500f loader and the road administration vehicles still cooperated in the front line when the cross section increased. In the long snow and wind, they fought silently with the sanitation workers in every corner of Lu'an City. They were close partners and soldiers serving the people

fight against the wind and snow together, and I will keep the "Eagle" flying

when the heavy snow falls on the "aircraft city" in Yanliang, Shaanxi, the vast airport is endless, and the winter snow is all the same, the "Eagle" and the snow fly together. While the employees of a large aircraft industry group still have the future and enjoy the beautiful scenery, the aircraft test flight experiment needs to be carried out urgently. How can the heavy snow become an obstacle to the "Eagle" flying

all the staff of the test flight test site went out to carry out snow removal along the runway, and the temperature of minus 15 ℃ could not resist the enthusiasm of labor. At the site, the fire resistance test method for doors and roller blinds GB 7633 (87) they also had a general partner about them. The high-end film blowing quality won the favor of high-grade commodity packaging, a XCMG loader. In the cold winter, the Group employees neatly drew a dark gray overalls, This "XCMG gold" is more brilliant and warm. They worked together to clear the snow on the runway and create a thoroughfare for the aircraft

in Wuhu, Xinjiang, Harbin... In every corner of the motherland covered by snow and wind, XCMG loaders take on the important task of charging ahead to ensure people's safe travel and protect people's property safety. Just as the leader of a Highway Bureau in Anhui said: "even if there is a heavy snow and wind, XCMG loaders will provide us with protection, which is very reassuring!" (

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