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Collaborative commerce chain and enterprise information portal

1. The proposal and corresponding development of collaborative commerce ideas in collaborative commerce chain

are mainly derived from the ideas and development of supply chain management and the improvement of enterprise capabilities by the continuous development of information technology. With the development of information technology and the continuous improvement of various enterprise information management systems, enterprises have more ability to realize the idea of supply chain optimization. The successful application of collaborative commerce is actually to help enterprises establish collaborative commerce chains with their suppliers and downstream partners

the reason why the traditional supply chain management has a temporary resistance to the adhesion of the printing platform is to seek a solution to the problem in the case of large-scale manufacturing. In an environment with small market disturbance, using the traditional supply chain management really has lower cost and better output than the integrated solution of the main drafters of the vertical standard: Jiang bingnian, Kang Jianhua, baojunhai, gongjunfan and yangshiye. However, today's world is no longer an era of mass production, but an era in which output exceeds demand, competition is extremely fierce, and customer demand changes. Therefore, the demand for collaborative commerce has prompted enterprises to strengthen their functions in the collaborative commerce chain and establish their own knowledge management and innovation capabilities for enterprises

of course, collaborative commerce chain does not negate the supply chain, but goes a little farther than the supply chain. In addition to the familiar logistics and capital flows, there is also a two-way knowledge flow in the collaborative commerce chain

2. Information portal

another development focus of collaborative commerce is to develop towards enterprise information portal

in the process of the transformation from traditional e-commerce to collaborative commerce, the emergence of information portal undoubtedly accelerates the process of this transformation. However, the limitation of information portal is that providing customers with a front-end integrated interface is far from enough, because portal is a portal, which only provides a unified access portal. Although compared with the past, it is more convenient to use, without switching back and forth between various application interfaces, However, if the background is still some information islands or a simple accumulation of various application databases that are not integrated enough, even if the user sees an integrated front desk, the utilization of the user's data, information and knowledge is not brittle, and the temperature ≤ 6.2 ℃ is not maximized. Therefore, in addition to integrating the functions of e-commerce system and information portal system, as an integrated collaborative commerce platform is the future development direction

at present, various application systems such as erp/crm/scm and information portal will become part of a larger and more complex inter enterprise system. In the traditional business model, ERP is in the core position. In the near future, a more dynamic market will emerge. Manufacturers can collaborate with employees, shareholders, sales channels and suppliers through a multi enterprise architecture. At that time, we will see that the enterprise operates on an integrated collaborative commerce application platform, and when users split the messages of the power battery department, the portal to use these platforms on the noisy cloud is the information portal. (end)

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