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The decoration style of CAF é s has always attracted the attention of contemporary young people. With a generation of people getting married, some elements of the decoration style of CAF é s have naturally been moved back to everyone's home, becoming an important contributor to creating mood and atmosphere. Which decoration styles are commonly used in cafes? How to build them respectively? Today, Xiaobian will analyze the building methods and finishing touches of common styles in cafes

heavy retro decoration style

coffee represents a slow life. Tasting a cup of coffee and slowly enjoying a quiet time of thinking and reading is people's deep desire. Today, when we have to eat fast and walk fast, and the whole crowd is in a hurry, it seems that slow life has long been away from us. So we miss the past, and we can only rely on a cup of coffee and a room of retro objects to bring us back to the past in our occasional leisure. At that time, the cars and horses were slow, and the day was long &hellip& hellip; This is the charm of the retro decoration style and the reason why cafes choose the retro style

element reference: used wooden furniture, sewing machine, lattice tablecloth, ceiling fan lamp, retro sound, wooden lattice window, broken flowers, etc

tough industrial decoration style

the industrial style looks tough and cold, but it actually represents the retro design era, and it is people's catering to the impact of new materials at that time. Previously, in the United States and other regions, the use of metal materials in household interior products, lighting fixtures, cabinets and ceilings was very significant. Nowadays, industrial elements have become an ornamental element in the home interior, which makes the contemporary home decoration style full of beauty and attraction

the industrial style is simple and rough. The exposed red brick wall is the mark of time, and the mechanical element is the impact of the historical era. No matter lamps or furniture are inseparable from the imagination of machinery, and these works are inspired by industrial details. Exposing mechanical details has become a unique attraction of industrial style

element reference: gear, machinery, water pipe, red brick wall, steel, rough wall, iron lamp, etc

elegant American decoration style

light American style decoration advocates simple and casual, showing a casual romance. Old color, low saturation color matching, quiet and beautiful. The back of the couch is made of gray and blue wooden strips to make a high parapet, and a small wall lamp is arranged on the single sofa to adjust the atmosphere for coffee tasting in the evening, which is a little retro. The pillows with exquisite patterns are very outstanding. If placed in the living room at home, they can become the highlight of the decoration style

element reference: rocking chair, leather sofa, small rags, wild flower potted plants, wheat grass, fruits, disks, iron products, etc

art Zakka decoration style

zakka style, that is, Japanese groceries. The placement of various gadgets shows the fragility and seriousness of life. Fragmentary delicacy is the art of life. Daily chores have a strong sense of life. Every inch of space and every item condenses the temperature of work, making ordinary things in life beautiful and attractive. The decoration style of daily necessities is the representative of environmental protection and fashion. Zakka plants and manual Zakka production can make waste more useful and reflect the aesthetic feelings of the producers

element reference: wall clocks, flowers, books, bottles, cans and other daily necessities





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