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Yakopolo cabinet reminds you to polish your eyes in shopping. One is the blindfold type, that is, to claim that they are international brands by taking a foreign name, asking exorbitant prices

yakopo cabinet reminds you to polish your eyes in shopping. The first is the blindfold type, that is, to claim to be an international brand with a foreign name, asking exorbitant prices. The second is the shell transformation. Spend a little money to register a shell company abroad and change into an international brand. In fact, all production and sales are completed in China. The third is to steal the concept type, claiming that the product is imported with original packaging. In fact, it is only a trivial part imported from abroad, and its production line, production standards, main raw materials and all processing procedures are actually completed in China

when many consumers buy cabinets, the first consideration is environmental protection, because whether a set of cabinets are environmentally friendly directly affects the health index of future life. At present, there are a wide range of cabinet products that boast "environmental protection", and the advantages and disadvantages of true and false products are uneven. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to identifying false environmental protection when buying, and avoid moving back to a "poison gas bucket" at home

at present, well-known brands in the industry have widely used plates that meet the European E1 level environmental protection standard. In view of the limited understanding of ordinary consumers on the environmental protection performance of product components, it is suggested that consumers can choose the "China environmental mark" certified products (also known as "ten ring certification") issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration when purchasing cabinets. This certification has strict requirements on the qualification of enterprises. It is necessary to prove that they are among the top 30 in their industry before they are qualified to formally apply for certification. Obtaining this mark represents the strength and status of enterprises

in addition, when purchasing cabinet products, consumers must require the manufacturer to show the certificate of relevant environmental protection materials, the use authorization or the inspection report of the authoritative department, and pay attention to the inspection of the product processing technology, such as whether the door panel is tightly sealed, whether the back panel is processed with double decorations, whether the system hole is plugged with rubber, and finally, it depends on the commitment of the merchant





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