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On February 27th, 2017, the decisive 2017 Kefan customization national dealer conference and the new product launch of "thinking about Kefan" were grandly held at the Vienna Hotel in Chencun, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

on February 27, 2017, the decisive 2017 Kefan customization national dealer conference and the new product launch of "thinking about Kefan" were grandly held at the Vienna Hotel in Chencun, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Mr. Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan customization, Mr. Chen Jianqing, general manager of Kefan customization marketing center, Mr. liaoshiquan, general manager of Kefan customization intelligent manufacturing center, representatives of hundreds of dealers nationwide and more than 10 media including Huiya media, Phoenix home, Sohu Home, Sina home attended the new product launch

in the next three years, the best time and outlet for the customization industry to be listed

at the press conference, Mr. Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan customization, first released the theme report

at the beginning of 2017, four enterprises, europay home, Shangpin home distribution, piano and gold cabinet, passed the IPO one after another, and will be listed at the right time. In the past two years, the listing tide of the household industry is fierce. At present, more than 20 home furnishing enterprises in many industries, such as customized home furnishing, flooring, ceramic tiles, shopping malls, sanitary ware, decoration, coating, lighting, doors and windows, home textiles, are working hard for listing. Undoubtedly, listing will become one of the hot words in the household industry this year

"so far, there have been three waves of listing in the home furnishing industry. The first wave is raw material enterprises dominated by wood, the second wave is processing enterprises dominated by flooring, and the third wave will be deep processing enterprises dominated by customization. 2017-2020 is the best time and outlet for the home furnishing customization industry to be listed," Mr. Lin Tao analyzed

it is undoubtedly lucky for the customized home furnishing industry to be in the wind of the industry. But then comes the fierce competition. Mr. Lin Tao said, "the customized home furnishing industry maintained a growth rate of 20% in 2014 and 40% in 2015. In the future, if the annual growth rate of home furnishing customization enterprises is less than 45% and the annual growth number of stores is less than 200, they will be disqualified from competition."

facing the increasingly fierce market competition, how does Kefan customize respond? Mr. Lin Tao said: "Looking back on us two years ago, five years ago and even ten years ago, and looking at the rapidly expanding team now, I feel particularly gratified. In 2006, we had only five stores, in 2010, we had more than 200 stores, and in 2016, we increased to more than 500 stores. In the next three years, the number of customized stores of cofan will reach more than 1000. At the same time, cofan entered the second important node of development in 2017 -- entering the market in ten years. This year will be cofan's departure from the third tier camp to one An important turning point in the sprint of the second tier major legions. "

in terms of specific development strategies, one is to focus on development, focus on development is the way out, be alert to the mentality of being eager for quick success and instant benefit, gather strength, and concentrate on professional development; Second, for the company, team building is the basic, and the competition between entrepreneurs is the competition of entrepreneurship and corporate governance level; Third, for the outside of the enterprise, setting a benchmark is the key. Follow the enterprise strategy, create a model market, and set a benchmark flag

safety core board, safe enough to eat plate

at the press conference, Kefan customized safety core board was also grandly released with the theme of "thinking about Kefan". Mr. Tang Zhiqiang, director of Kefan customized brand, came to the stage to introduce the safety core board

talking about the setting of the theme, Mr. Lin Tao said in an interview that "thinking about Kefan" is not the smell we usually smell, but more the smell of ideology. Kefan products integrate many things, with design flavor and human touch. Let the product not be a separate product, but a way of life. Design is integrated into life, touching people's yearning and love for a better life

according to the introduction of Mr. Tang Zhiqiang, compared with ordinary plates, anxinban has many advantages: first, the surface planing is arranged vertically, and the core planing is arranged horizontally. This crisscross structural arrangement reorganizes the wood texture structure, which is the most rapidly developing new environmental protection structural plate in the world at present; The second is to use water-insoluble MDI glue. The raw materials are all radiata pine imported from New Zealand and Australia. The moisture content of wood is required to be about 40%. The deformation rate of the core board is only 4% after being completely immersed in water for 48 hours. The physical ability with high strength, high waterproof and no deformation is three to five times that of the ordinary

moreover, the core board has one of the biggest characteristics that consumers pay most attention to. Kefan's new core board adopts medical grade MDI glue as the adhesive, which does not contain aldehydes and benzene harmful substances to human body, ensuring the excellent health and environmental protection performance of core board, and its quality is comparable to natural wood

in order to show the zero methanol of the core board, a small episode occurred at the press conference. When introducing the core board, Kefan's customized leadership representative and dealer representative each took a cup of boiled water and drank it, proving that the core board was safe enough to eat with strength

after the press conference, Kefan customization also trained the representatives of dealers across the country who participated in the conference, and released Kefan's 2017 store standard, 2017 product plan, 2017 training plan, 2017 market strategy and plan, etc




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