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Located in Nanhu, Dongyuan lejiancheng community has unique geographical advantages. Just as the latest phase of the community is about to be delivered, I believe many owners will start to prepare for decoration after the new house is closed. Therefore, Wuhan Decoration Xiaobian specially takes Dongyuan lejiancheng community as an example to bring a set of Mediterranean style renderings. Friends who like it can come to know in advance

community: Dongyuan Le Jian City

house type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: Mediterranean style

decoration method: all inclusive

decoration quotation: 100000-200000

decoration company: Meisong Yating decoration

decoration concept: maximize the beautification and utilization of existing space with the least investment; Create an ideal living environment for people's life by means of material technology and art. Fashion and design are interlinked, style and personality are linked, fresh, elegant, giving up too many cumbersome, removing too many flashy decorations, reflecting the natural and comfortable life of modern people

[Dongyuan Le Jian Cheng Mediterranean style decoration effect picture]

Mediterranean style is very popular among young people. This decoration integrates fashion and romance. I wonder if this decoration has attracted you? If you are preparing to decorate and want to know the quotation of your home, you can directly go to the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network to check the detailed quotation of your home. For details, please click:




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