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As a fashionable person, the first thing that needs to be fashionable is hairstyle. With the increasing popularity of people's pursuit of fashion, small barber shops began to bloom everywhere. A small barber shop with booming business, the most important thing is the decoration of the store. As long as the overall effect is comfortable, coupled with a few unique exquisite designs, it will attract a fixed customer base, and its financial resources will be rolling and making money every day. How to decorate a small barber shop? Decoration is an important aspect for customers to enter the house for consumption. How much do you know about the decoration design style of a small hairdressing shop? Next, let's listen to the experts' suggestions on how to decorate the hair salon

people are increasingly pursuing fashion, so there are more and more small barber shops. Many entrepreneurs do not have enough money to open beauty salons, but they want to do this business. Now no matter what shop you open, you attach great importance to the decoration. How much do you know about the decoration of small barber shops? What are the skills and precautions for the decoration of small barber shops? If you also have this need, you might as well come with me to understand it

how to decorate a small barber shop

decoration of a small barber shop -- the signboard

directly reflects the image of the shop “ Face ” It is a billboard that highlights the business and culture of the store. Pay attention to the color matching, generally taking dark color as the main body for the purpose of attracting attention

decoration of small barber shops -- the lighting

is generally required to be bright, and various energy-saving and sunlamps can be used. The quantity should not be too much. It is required to be bright in winter, warm in summer, and comfortable in spring and autumn

decoration of small barber shops -- ceiling

general hairdressers will choose the rough style of exposing the ceiling, deliberately exposing water pipes and wires, and installing lamps with a strong sense of art, which is a time-saving and cost-effective method

ceiling and light: oneortwo lights are used for lighting. If more than three lights are works of art. The style of lighting directly determines the style of the ceiling. Postmodern and elegant can be adapted and inclusive

ceiling and decoration: besides the meaning of auspiciousness, the auspicious symbol also plays a decorative role, adding a trace of ancient charm to the tough ceiling

decoration of small barber shops - in store style

1, Japanese style; 2. Classical style; 3. Modern style; 4. European style; 5. Thai style, etc. Show the cultural and professional atmosphere of the store according to the decoration style, let customers accept and recognize the business philosophy of the store, and draw the business items and prices at a glance. The style should be different from other peers. Appropriately decorate a little high-end handicrafts, celebrity calligraphy and painting to highlight the level of corporate culture

decoration of small barber shops -- the tone in the shop

in order to make customers sit down without emotional fluctuation, make customers feel relaxed, comfortable, warm, and have a sense of trust and security, then the tone in the shop is more important, dark color will make people feel uneasy, produce irritability, emotional fluctuation, and can't sit down. In short, the colors in the store must be light and light. To relax the tension of employees and customers

decoration of small barber shops -- the situation in the shop is set

the old hairdressers and beauty salons like the design of classical style, while the new hairdressers and beauty salons like trendy style. The mood setting is based on the customer's needs on the basis of determining the consumer group. Too luxurious will make the customer stop. Too simplistic will make customers feel that the grade is too low. Secondly, your character and the image of the store are the key points you should consider, which requires “ Just right ” To deal with some contradictions in freeze frame

decoration of small barber shops - the operation area generally accounts for three-quarters or two-thirds of the whole store area (according to the situation). The operation area is a place that directly serves customers. It is required to be loose, clean and comfortable, and also consider the convenience and smoothness of customers. The music must be played in Zhongbei tone, and elegant classical famous music is preferred. The mirror should be bright, the chairs and beds should be exquisite, the shape should be unique, and the colors should be unified

decoration of small barber shops - customer seats

are required to be concise, lively, comfortable and clean. You can see TV and pictures at the right distance

decoration of small barber shops -- bathroom

because of its high utilization rate, the bathroom will leave a deep impression on customers. You must treat it as well as pay attention to signs and design it carefully. Focus on luxury. The more luxurious it is, the better it will leave a good impression on customers (note, there should be no odor). In each bathroom, often hang some store ideas, warm service requirements, and even some jokes, humorous stories, promotions, discounts and preferential policies

decoration of small barber shops -- commodity display cabinets

commodity display cabinets should be placed on the right side of the door, with light color as the main body and high-end as the best. People's vision is 45 degrees, and the displayed goods are the most easy to sell and take away goods. You often change the goods. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent the goods from failure and deterioration. Swinging high-end and famous brand goods will improve the grade of the store. Carry out takeout sales promotion. If the takeout sales promotion is in place, your turnover will increase by 21% (total turnover). We should pay attention to the development of this area

decoration of small barber shops -- staff lounge

is used for eating and storing employees' personal belongings. The wall should be cleaned, and the cabinet should be practical. The wall should be hung with honor list, discipline system, health watch and rotation leave forms. Customers are strictly forbidden to enter, giving employees a free space to have a rest during working hours

decoration of small barber shops -- supplies storage room

is used to establish the registration (entry and exit) of stored items, so as to facilitate management and cost accounting. According to the size of commodities, cabinets of different specifications are designed for display, so that they can be used and taken a