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Time slowly wears away love, but it has witnessed the unchanged original intention of lixiu embroidery seamless wall cloth. Lixiu has been trying to seriously protect a better life

the news in the entertainment industry two days ago was really fried

according to Korean media reports, song Zhongji has submitted an application for divorce mediation to the court through his lawyer. In other words, the two have agreed to divorce

from marriage to divorce, the marriage lasted only one year and eight months, a total of 604 days

16 years, the two starring in the "descendants of the sun" hit, rumors spread

in December of the same year, KBS television gave a great performance award, and the two people continued to deny their relationship with each other

in June 2017, it was revealed that they had visited Bali and stayed in the same hotel, which was denied by the brokerage companies of both sides

on July 5 of the same year, the two sides jointly issued a marriage news, announcing that they would get married on October 31

on October 31 of the same year, the two married in Seoul

in February 2019, both parties denied the rumors of divorce

in March of the same year, rumors of the man's infidelity were exposed again, and the two continued to deny it

on June 27, 2019, shuangsong applied for divorce

a hot search broke out on the same night, and star couple Fan Bingbing and Li Chen announced their breakup! Ended the 4-year love run

on May 29, 2015, the two announced together in a high-profile manner

on September 26th, 2017, Fan Bingbing's birthday, Li Chen proposed

on June 27, 2019, the two announced their separation

time slowly wears away love, but it has witnessed Li Xiu's unchanging original intention. Li Xiu has been trying to seriously protect a better life

after 27 years of dream building, it has finally become an environmental friendly "Yungan cotton"

Yungan cotton, as the name suggests, is soft cotton like clouds. Compared with traditional ordinary cotton, it is more comfortable, soft and breathable. It is generally used in underwear and other personal products

lixiu, a high-end wall fabric brand that focuses on research and development, after repeated research and comparison by the team and through exclusive technology processing, took "Yungan cotton" as the raw material for wall fabric weaving and released the industry's first new product: "Yungan skin friendly breathable wall fabric"

thanks to years of experience in wall fabric weaving, Yungan cotton materials are improved with exclusive advanced nanotechnology. Using the thermal stability of nanoparticles, nanoparticles are added to molten polymers to prepare functional fibers

the cloud cotton treated by this method not only retains the original soft touch, air permeability and moisture absorption of the fabric, but also improves its stability, durability and uniformity. It not only prolongs the service life of the wall cloth, but also has many functions, such as antibacterial, waterproof, oil proof, antifouling, dust-proof, anti-static and so on

five advantages guarantee: soft and skin friendly, healthy and environmental protection, bacteriostasis and deodorization, breathable and hygroscopic, no static electricity

continuous research and development, only for your health and environmental protection

lixiu seamless wall cloth since its establishment in 1993, it has gone through the initial stage of start-up and development, 27 years of honing and 27 years of momentum. Up to now, the "Yungan skin friendly breathable wall cloth" innovatively developed by lixiu has applied for invention patents and international patents, and has passed the testing and certification of a number of international and domestic authoritative departments. Let the scientific authority speak, let time witness the original intention, let thousands of families stick embroidered wallcoverings, and let environmental protection and health enter thousands of households

24-hour fresh air with your health

Yungan cotton has natural bacteriostasis, which can inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria. Of course, while inhibiting bacteria, Yungan cotton can also absorb odor factors to ensure that the air in the home space is fresh and odorless. Made of natural cloud cotton, thousands of tiny innovative air holes are distributed on the surface to realize two-way ventilation and easily release the heat and moisture in the home space. While maintaining ventilation, it can also block moisture, bid farewell to tightness and humidity, and ensure the dryness of the wall in the return season. At the same time, it absorbs and decomposes harmful particles such as formaldehyde, so that you can really breathe 24 hours

strong strength and rich products

lixiu wall cloth

healthy and beautiful life, love can't give you,

and lixiu "cloud feeling skin friendly breathable" wall cloth can

time will not erase our original heart,

lixiu cloud feeling skin friendly breathable wall cloth will adhere to environmental protection to the end

(image and text source: Embroidered wall cloth, invasion and deletion)




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