The man hacked and injured people and absconded to

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A man in Ezhou and three companions slashed others with knives. After escaping for more than a year, he came to a decoration company to work as a painter, and his company also undertook the decoration project of the police station's case handling center. Recently, the police of Liangzihu branch of Ezhou Public Security Bureau accidentally found the man while handling the case and successfully arrested him

at about 17:00 on February 18 last year, Ke, a 21-year-old youth in Taihe Town, Liangzihu District, Ezhou City, surfed the Internet in a local Internet cafe. When he came back from going to the bathroom, he found that his seat was occupied by others, so he argued with the other party, and then had a physical conflict. Due to Xiao Ke's strong body, the other party didn't take advantage of calling two companions to help in the conflict. Three people called another friend surnamed Gao to vent their anger and cut Ke on his way home

after the incident, four suspects absconded. By August 26 this year, three of the suspects had been brought to justice, and only Gao was at large. On August 28, a driver of the 1st criminal police squadron of Liangzihu District Public Security Bureau felt familiar after seeing Gao's registered residence information. It turned out that recently, the law enforcement and case handling area of the squadron was undergoing renovation, and a painter in the construction team was similar to Gao. The police handling the case quickly asked the contractor to call back the painter and control him

after interrogation, this painter is Gao, who is on the run. According to Gao, after more than a year of the injury, he thought it was all right, so he came to the case handling center half a month ago with a fluke to decorate, but he was still recognized

at present, Mr. Gao has been detained on suspicion of intentional injury





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