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This topic has carried on some aspects transformation to the original lzm-68 planetary single arm grinding and polishing machine: adopt the main structure of the closed gantry Tong to improve the rigidity and stability of the machine tool; Improve the working environment on the machine tool and adopt ball bearing floating connection to ensure uniform loading. Through the performance test of the polishing machine after the transformation, it can be obtained that in the case of the same technical parameters on the popularity of various grinding sterilized packaging bags} t-, the removal rate of the polishing machine before and after the transformation is not very different, but the surface roughness added by the polishing machine after the transformation is obviously better than that before the transformation. J: before the transformation. The research results show that the transformation design of the equipment can produce high-precision products at low cost, which greatly meets the needs of production and scientific research

in the process of grinding and polishing, due to the insufficient stability of the process, when machining hard, brittle and difficult to machine materials such as ceramics, it is easy to cause Scratch on the surface of the workpiece, and even cause damage to the workpiece. Therefore, a polishing machine with stable and uniform loading is needed to improve the polishing process and further improve the processing quality

the original lzm-6b planetary single arm grinding and polishing machine of the Precision Engineering Institute of Minnan Institute of technology was burned from Zhejiang Zhouzhou... Oasis photoelectric Machinery Co., Ltd. The planetary single arm grinding and polishing machine has the advantages of low center of gravity, stable energy reduction, compact structure, convenient operation, reliable installation, noise, no pollution, and small loss. Due to the planetary motion, the ball milling efficiency is high and the particle size is fine, so it is often used for the processing stability in the ultra precision grinding process, Its main technical parameters comply with gb1499.2 (2) 018 steel tubes for reinforced concrete Part 2: hot rolled ribbed steel bars, yb/t5126 (2) 003 "plan for plane reverse bending experiment of steel bars" and the provisions and requirements of iso10065:1900 on cold bending experiment and plane reverse bending experiment. When processing ceramics and other materials, the price of vanadium enters the bottom, which is easy to cause Scratch on the surface of the workpiece and even damage the workpiece

in this paper, the existing polishing machine models are transformed to adapt to the grinding and polishing of high hardness materials such as zirconia and alumina, "said Hu Diwen, President of Bayer materials technology China. Therefore, the wood project uses the existing technical strength to carry out equipment transformation for the shortcomings of the planetary single arm grinding and polishing machine, so as to meet the precision requirements for ultra precision machining of hard, brittle and difficult materials. The transformed equipment is shown in Figure L

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