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Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck appeared at the Russian machinery and hardware industry exhibition

Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck appeared at the Russian machinery and hardware industry exhibition

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the machinery and Hardware Industry Exhibition hosted by the German Munich International Exhibition Group was held at the krokus International Exhibition Center in Moscow, the Russian capital, from June 2 to 6. Shaanxi Automobile Group took X3000 dump trucks, f3000 natural gas tractors and F2000 modified tractors to the exhibition. The service station signing and licensing ceremony and product promotion activities were arranged in the exhibition, which attracted the attention of industry insiders and local media

on June 3, Russian local dealers and service providers rushed to the exhibition site from Saint Petersburg, Far East, Ural, Novosibirsk and other places to participate in the activities. Tongchunli, deputy general manager of Shaanxi heavy truck import and export company, on behalf of the enterprise, made an overall introduction to the certified products, sales, services and accessories network in Russia. Subsequently, the surface area of the concrete specimen was 0.48m2. The company signed service agreements with 8 local service stations to change the angle, and held an on-site licensing ceremony. Dealers in MIAs region made a special product promotion for X3000 models from the aspects of technical platform, advantage comparison with competitive products, service guarantee, etc

during the exhibition, the staff made in-depth exchanges with dealers and service providers around channel management, service station franchise, parts supply, market adaptability of competitive products, etc., and dealers were full of confidence in Shaanxi Auto Products and subsequent markets

this exhibition is in the sales trough of the Russian market. Import and export companies seize the opportunity of the exhibition, get close to users, and achieve good results by increasing post market investment and signing service stations, so as to guide dealers to pay attention to the stock market, meet terminal needs, and lay a good foundation for ushering in the "spring" of the Russian market

at present, the Russian economy has been affected by Western sanctions and the global financial downturn, the ruble exchange rate has fallen frequently against the US dollar, foreign investment in Russia has decreased sharply, and national construction projects have slowed down. These factors have led to a "winter" season in the Russian heavy truck market, and European and American brand heavy truck enterprises have not participated in the exhibition due to sanctions. Although the Russian heavy truck market is currently in the cold winter, its huge market potential is still favored by domestic enterprises

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