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Shaanxi Automobile starts Fuyang experience tour and receives orders for 20 muck trucks

Shaanxi Automobile starts Fuyang experience tour and receives orders for 20 muck trucks

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on August 14, Shaanxi Automobile experience tour activities for major customers in Fuyang region of Anhui Province were held. Leaders of logistics company and fleet owners from Fuyang, Anhui Province and a delegation came to Shaanxi Automobile to visit and investigate. Zhang Jiangmin, chief financial officer of Shaanxi heavy truck sales company, Shi Bing, manager of major customer department Han Yuan, manager of the yellow for green project team, warmly received the visit of major customers in Fuyang, Anhui Province, and preliminarily reached a purchase intention of 20 vehicles

Anhui market has always been the main market of Shaanxi Auto dumpers, but in recent years, with the development of logistics and transportation industry, the proportion of tractors has become larger and larger, especially in Fuyang market, most users mainly travel across provinces for long-distance transportation. With the soaring international and domestic oil prices, haze weather has always been a hot topic, and natural gas heavy truck products shoulder the mission of energy conservation, emission reduction, pollution reduction and consumption reduction. According to the changes of these markets, the changes of user needs and the structure of key customers visited this time, Shaanxi Automobile arranged targeted introductions

major customers in Fuyang, Anhui Province first visited the Shaanxi Automobile Exhibition Hall, automobile assembly line, Xi'an Cummins, etc. in Shaanxi Automobile commercial vehicle industrial park, and had a preliminary understanding of Shaanxi Automobile

then, in front of the 4S store of the sales company, the staff of the yellow for green project team gave a 360 ° walkaround explanation to the visiting key customers on the new environmentally friendly muck truck, which was introduced in detail from three aspects: environmental protection, safety and intelligence

in the conference room, the marketing department, the key customer department and the initial automatic control hydraulic material experimental machine of CCCC Tianjian adopt the electro-hydraulic servo valve to form the control system. The relevant personnel of Jianjian company have always visited the key customers to introduce the advantages of Shaanxi Automobile Enterprise, environmental protection intelligent muck truck, natural gas products and the relevant contents of the post market Tianxing Jianche service system

as a leading enterprise in China's heavy truck industry, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck, aiming at the shortcomings of "throwing, sprinkling, leaving and leaking" of old-fashioned muck trucks, as well as the government's requirements for clean appearance and good sealing of large boxes of urban muck trucks, Shaanxi Automobile launched a more environmentally friendly, safer and more intelligent environmental protection muck truck, which not only redefined the new standard of urban muck trucks, but also became a powerful tool to remove fog and haze

it is worth mentioning that Shaanxi Automobile's new intelligent muck truck is equipped with the "Tianxingjian" intelligent management platform, which is connected to the Beidou platform, which can effectively monitor the running state of the vehicle and realize fine control of the vehicle, such as vehicle speed limit, vehicle deviation from the fixed line alarm, vehicle environmental protection top cover unclosed speed limit alarm, vehicle zoning speed limit, remote locking, vehicle self-test and other functions. Make the muck truck intelligent, make it easier for users to drive, and make it easier for the competent department of muck to manage the truck

as a leading enterprise of domestic new energy heavy trucks, Shaanxi Automobile has practiced its own society. Shaanxi Natural Gas heavy truck can save 100 yuan of fuel expenditure compared with diesel vehicles of the same tonnage every 100 kilometers, bringing obvious economic benefits to users. In addition, the harmful gas emission of natural gas heavy trucks is also lower than that of diesel vehicles. Among them, carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by 90%, hydrocarbon emissions are reduced by 70%, and nitrogen and hydrogen emissions are reduced by 35%. Some professionals have calculated that a natural gas heavy truck is equivalent to planting 84 trees for the society, which is of great social significance

subsequently, the two sides conducted sincere communication and exchange. Anhui Fuyang regional key customers had a discussion and exchange on a series of issues of concern, such as product configuration and price, economy and power of natural gas. For example, Liu l of Anhui Fuyang logistics company can clamp wire lengths of 300 (1) 00mm and 500-300mm; The pulley guide weight plus axial force is generally used in ordinary high chromium cast iron (its composition is mass fraction: "After listening to the introduction, we feel that the new smart muck truck of Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. adds green to urban construction, refuses to be a sprayer of urban dust, is more environmentally friendly, safer, more efficient, complies with government regulations, and has become an environmental guardian for the city to remove fog and haze. In particular, the natural gas tractor of Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. is very suitable for this market, and has a very large development space, especially saving 1 yuan per kilometer. We have a fixed transportation route, and what we save is not making money Yes, and natural gas heavy trucks meet the requirements of environmental protection and are economical. These are exactly what we need. "

Shaan Auto's new muck truck not only redefines the new standard of urban muck truck, but also becomes a city ambassador to remove fog and haze. From the road of innovating new energy to the road of leading new energy, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck has made unremitting efforts to build China's new energy industry cluster

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