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Shaanxi Automobile Group: looking for a breakthrough through new energy

as a third tier military enterprise founded in the late 1960s, Shaanxi Automobile Group has gradually entered the "first camp" of China's heavy trucks and become the leader of China's new energy heavy trucks with its technological innovation in the field of new energy

the predecessor of Shaanxi Automobile Group is Shaanxi Automobile Factory, which was founded in 1968. Its products can be roughly divided into military heavy trucks and commercial heavy trucks, light trucks and cars. According to the data of China Automobile Industry Association, in the past three years, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck sales ranked among the top five domestic enterprises, and was in the "first camp" of China's heavy truck industry with Dongfeng commercial vehicle, FAW Jiefang, China heavy truck and BAIC Foton

however, with the increasingly fierce market competition, the characteristics of heavy truck vehicles, such as high energy consumption and large emissions, have become a stumbling block to their development. At the same time, in the face of the slowdown of China's economic growth, overcapacity in the heavy truck industry, serious product homogenization and other problems, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck aims at the research and development of new energy vehicles, and by adjusting the product structure, it helps enterprises "shift gears and speed up", transformation and development

in the face of the depressed market, in 2014, Shaanxi Auto launched diesel natural gas dual fuel vehicles, becoming the first dual fuel heavy truck enterprise with the national four standards in China, which is known as the "third revolution" in the field of new energy in the industry. In fact, as early as 1999, Shaanxi Automobile Group took the lead in trying new energy automobile technology in China. Since then, Shaanxi Automobile has made a series of innovations, known as the "three revolutions" in the field of new energy

in 2005, through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, Shaanxi Automobile successfully developed the first CNG (compressed natural gas) heavy truck with single fuel in China, opening the prelude to the domestic CNG heavy truck, which is known as the "first revolution" in the field of heavy truck new energy; In 2008, Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. developed the world's first and China's first "self pressurized LNG (liquefied natural gas) heavy truck", which promoted the arrival of the domestic LNG heavy truck commercialization era and was known as the "second revolution"

the author learned that in order to expand the overseas market, Shaanxi Automobile has developed the hot area version of heavy trucks suitable for the Middle East and Africa, the cold area version of heavy trucks suitable for Russia and other countries, the lightweight heavy trucks suitable for the transportation regulations of Southeast Asia and the natural gas heavy trucks according to the different industrial and mining, environment and climate of different markets

innovation is inseparable from the contribution of the scientific research team. Shaanxi Automobile Group has established the only new energy heavy truck laboratory in Northwest China, and cooperates with many universities at home and abroad to build an innovation base. Among them, the "new energy vehicle research institute" was established in cooperation with the University of California, and the "axle Technology Joint Research Center" was jointly established with Tsinghua University. With these high-end platforms, Shaanxi Automobile has more than 500 patents and more than 100 national and provincial key products, many of which have patented technologies to fill the domestic gap

as a major global equipment manufacturing industry, Shaanxi Automobile Group has seized the strategic opportunity of the "the Belt and Road" and vigorously expanded overseas markets. 50% of it is a new and customized global production and sales network. At present, Shaanxi Automobile heavy trucks have been exported to Europe and have shown attractive utilization prospects, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and more than 80 countries and regions. At the same time, localized production has been realized in Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Brazil and other places

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