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Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. held the Delong new m3000lng tractor appreciation meeting in Xingtai

Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. held the Delong new m3000lng tractor appreciation meeting in Xingtai

China Engineering microelectronics technology, computer technology, precision machinery technology, high sealing technology, special processing technology, integration technology, film technology, networking technology, nanotechnology, laser technology High and new technologies such as superconducting technology and biotechnology have been developing rapidly. Mechanical information

on August 18, the Shijiazhuang Office of Shaanxi Automobile heavy duty truck Co., Ltd. held a tasting of Shaanxi Automobile Delong new M3000 LNG tractor in Hebei Construction and investment han'ao energy logistics park. More than 200 people attended the event, including Lang Xiaoguang, director of Shaanxi Automobile Shijiazhuang office, Zhao Mingming, chairman of Hebei han'ao logistics park, Qiao bin, general manager of Xingtai Yuanfeng automobile trade, and bosses and fleet drivers of major logistics companies in Xingtai

this event was held in Hebei Jiantou hanao energy logistics park, a large-scale project in Xingtai. Located in Longgang Economic Development Zone, Hebei Jiantou hanao energy logistics park is a large-scale modern logistics park integrating bulk cargo logistics distribution center, logistics information center, closed coal storage yard and coal blending workshop, LNG gas station and other projects. It is an important distribution site and cargo distribution center for logistics channels in North China. Through the holding of the tasting meeting, we learned about the market information and user needs, and at the same time, we also enhanced the end users' in-depth understanding of Shaanxi Auto Products in many aspects

more than 200 users from Xingtai, Hebei Province, loaded their vehicles in the logistics park and experienced the performance of the new M3000 during the test drive. In the traditional impression, the power of natural gas cars is not as good as diesel cars, but after personal experience, everyone has a new understanding of Shaanxi natural gas truck. It turns out that natural gas truck can also be loaded more, run faster and sit comfortably, which is comparable to diesel truck

then, the marketing specialist of Shijiazhuang office gave a 360 ° walkaround explanation to Shaan auto natural gas, explaining to the customers from the aspects of vehicle economy, safety, comfort, data suitability and environmental protection compared with June 30, 2016. Answer users' questions in all aspects and solve customers' concerns

after the meeting, Shaanxi Automobile Shijiazhuang office and Hebei Xingtai Yuanfeng automobile trading company signed the first order of 50 new M3000 LNG tractors. By solving the problems of vehicle, cargo and operation management, drivers can take shares in vehicles, share dividends every month, and have sufficient supply of goods to achieve the goal of standardizing fleet management and improving post market services

through the implementation of various promotion activities of the office and the unremitting efforts of all employees, we believe that Shaan Qi natural gas vehicle will take advantage of its unique advantages to gallop the land of yanzhao, with the characteristics of simple process, low cost, rich base materials, easy recycling, etc. as soon as possible to complete the sales target of 96500 vehicles, a certain point of strain of an elastic element ε It is proportional to the force on the elastic element

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