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Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck to a new level

Guanxian County, located at the junction of Hebei, Shandong and Henan provinces, is a nationally renowned logistics and transportation County, with more than 3000 new vehicles each year. Running and transportation has become a major career for many local people to get rich. Mafengchang is a member of the logistics and transportation army in Guanxian county. Influenced by his friends around him, he joined the vast coal transportation army very early. After more than ten years of development, he now has a medium-sized fleet of 42 cars. Since 2012, Ma Fengchang has been in contact with Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck. He is attracted by the excellent cost performance and efficient attendance rate of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck. Through continuous updates, Ma Fengchang's fleet now has as many as 19 Shaanxi Automobile heavy trucks alone. His wish is "in a period of time, all models will be replaced by Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck. In the future, the purchase of antibacterial plastic has been used in the market for a long time, and only Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck will be purchased."

Shaanxi Automobile has many customers like Ma Fengchang all over the country. Thanks to the implementation of the new gb1589, all heavy truck enterprises, including Shaanxi Automobile, ushered in a bumper year in 2016. According to the data of Shaanxi Automobile, the company's order exceeded 15000 vehicles in October, and the good news was reported in November, with an order of 20000 vehicles reaching a new high

the rising sales volume has constantly refreshed the industry's understanding of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck, but the overwhelming outbreak of Shaanxi Automobile in 2016 is not only related to the new deal, but also related to products. The heavy truck market is changing rapidly and competitive. Major manufacturers are doing everything they can to speed up product upgrading. Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck is no exception. Following the launch of Delong X3000 all series dump truck in October this year (including the new slag truck and highway dump truck, which are the representative models of targeted experimental locomotives and mining dump truck segments, as well as the exclusive models in the southwest and Tibet regions, a total of five models), Delong L3000 truck products were released

Delong L3000 launched

this model is a new medium-sized truck built by Shaanxi Automobile in combination with the characteristics of the medium-sized freight industry and user needs, introducing the latest European technology, and with a positive research and development concept. It has four advantages: beautiful appearance, economy, fuel saving, comfortable driving, safety and efficiency, and meets the different needs of various sub industries, including express, cold chain, green connect, LTL and other sub markets, Achieve a new benchmark of logistics for multi-purpose distribution

with the launch of Delong L3000 truck and the wonderful appearance of all series of trucks, Shaanxi Automobile not only completed his 400 meter race results, but also needs to shorten the layout of different series of products by about 4 seconds X3000, M3000 and L3000. It also marks the extension of the product platform from heavy trucks to medium trucks, highlighting the advantages of the pedigree, platform and leadership of Shaanxi Automobile Products, presenting a complete range of tractors, dump trucks, trucks and special vehicles

Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck to a new level

Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck to a new level

at the 2017 business annual meeting of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck, Liu Xiangtao, general manager of Shaanxi heavy truck sales company, pointed out in the 2017 marketing work report that the annual sales volume of Shaanxi Automobile in 2016 exceeded 80000, an increase of 78% year-on-year. Of course, the goal of Shaanxi Automobile is far more than that. Yuanhongming, chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holding, said that in 2017, Shaanxi Automobile aims to produce and sell 95000 heavy trucks, including 80000 in the domestic civil product market, an increase of 20% year-on-year, and achieve the goal of entering the first tier of the industry

standing at a new starting point, Shaanxi Automobile will comprehensively upgrade its products, change its service concept, shape the core competitiveness of services, innovate its service mode, continue to build a "fast" service brand, promote all-round products and services in an integrated manner, penetrate the image of "fast service and excellent quality" of Shaanxi Automobile into users, and provide customers with more considerate and comprehensive services; Give play to the deep integration of products and services, and improve the marketing ability of financial products; Pay attention to manufacturer collaboration, platform sharing, carry out targeted development for customers in subdivided industries, and formulate customized solutions to meet the needs of different customers. (this article is from Weichai group)

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