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Shaanxi Automobile Huainan company successfully trial produced four "Shaanxi Automobile juntong" new products

Shaanxi Automobile Huainan company successfully trial produced four "Shaanxi Automobile juntong" new products

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Shaanxi Automobile Huainan company, as the group's special vehicle company that first signed an agreement with juntong company to check whether the lifting rings are hung on the key blades, recently, Four "Shaanxi Automobile juntong" U-type lightweight dump trucks were successfully trial produced by pressing the "confirm" button

in April this year, the newly established special vehicle branch of Huainan company ushered in a key work - the trial production of four side panel profiled dump trucks. In order to complete the task well, Huainan company and juntong company's technicians conducted on-site tests on the technical parameters of the dump truck chassis, and together with the group company's Automotive Engineering Research Institute and the technical personnel of the technical center, completed the technical confirmation of the chassis and top loading, the preparation of process and quality inspection documents, the preparation of production equipment, personnel training, as well as the incoming inspection, assembly and test of parts and components. In order to ensure product quality, Huainan company organized internal review work with high accuracy after completing the trial production of two types of equipment for the whole U-type dump truck, no matter which model. In addition, Huainan company also invited the quality management department, technology center, Research Institute and sales company of the group company to jointly verify and review the technical parameters and standards of four U-type dump trucks and the consistency of the whole vehicle, which were unanimously recognized

the successful completion of this trial production is a substantive step in the strategic cooperation between Shaanxi Automobile and juntong company, and also marks a new stage in the production of special vehicles of Huainan company

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