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Shaanxi Automobile transformation basic management operation mode meets the needs of production and service

Shaanxi Automobile transformation basic management operation mode meets the needs of production and service

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with the diversification of market demand, in 2015, Shaanxi automobile general assembly plant focused on customer service needs in the management of auxiliary material warehouse, and has successively standardized the standards for the quota of important materials used as ocean fishing vessels, and the structure of the reservoir area, The application of electronic information technology and other strong basic management operation modes have been improved, which has stimulated the demand for production services and improved efficiency

establish process receiving standards and set up a special person receiving and control system

in order to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of product transformation services, the general assembly plant strictly controls the uniqueness of auxiliary materials, models and names. These extremely flat equipment are currently used in the lithium battery system of German small cars. In principle, it actively cooperates with the technical department and establishes the "auxiliary material receiving standard of automobile general assembly plant" through national standards and technical confirmation. The determination of this system defines the collection scope of the warehouse out unit and the fixed variety of the unit. In order to ensure the implementation of standardization, the branch started from the source of the implementation of planned requisition, revised the planned requisition system, and set up a special plan and a special invoicing system, which played a mutual restriction role in the requisition process

1 the adopted technology changes the shelf structure mode according to different conditions and improves 4. The level of dynamometer is very important, and the efficiency of warehousing work

in order to better ensure the service work of assembly, debugging and finishing warehousing production links, the general assembly plant proposes the structural transformation of the shelf based on the functional properties of auxiliary materials. After the improvement, the stock in and stock out can work at the same time without affecting each other, which improves the efficiency of stock in and stock out

strengthen learning and exchange activities to promote the realization of electronic information management mode on schedule

in the management process of auxiliary materials, the general assembly plant not only requires the warehouse keeper to be able to receive, issue and account, but also master the function and use of each material. In order to improve the professional quality of warehouse keepers, the branch factory organized the training of warehouse keepers and the learning and exchange of auxiliary material managers. At the same time, through the discussion and analysis of a large amount of data and work experience accumulated in the auxiliary material warehouse, the computer program was installed in the auxiliary material warehouse of the general assembly plant at the end of August. Through the scanning and locking of the scanning gun, the receiving auxiliary material card and the receiving employee's work mark, the quick delivery of services was realized

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