Design of fire dike in the hottest storage tank ar

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Design of fire dike in storage tank area - sealing design of fire dike (7)

because the most fundamental purpose of fire dike is to temporarily store accidental oil leakage after the oil tank is damaged, there is a sealing requirement for the design of fire dike. In addition to the relevant investment of the Japanese government, it can withstand the static pressure of the oil products, which is used to detect the compressive strength, tensile strength, impact resistance toughness The sealing performance should be fully considered in the material selection and construction method of the terrace in the fire dike and the fire dike itself, and several problems should be paid attention to:

1. It is strictly forbidden to open holes in the fire dike; 2. The oily sewage drainage pipe shall be provided with water sealing facilities at the outlet of the fire dike, and the rainwater drainage pipe shall be provided with stop valve at the outlet of the fire dike; 3. When the process pipe, foam pipe, cooling high-performance carbon fiber, vanadium titanium, high-temperature alloy and other new material water supply pipes pass through the fire dike, they should be buried as far as possible and pass through the fire dike from under the floor to ensure the tightness of the fire dike. When the exposed pipe passes through the fire dike, non combustible materials must be used. 4 Set the experimental parameters and fill the material tightly. No matter which way you cross the fire dike, stop valves should be set on the pipelines on both sides of the fire dike

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