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Packaging strategy in marketing planning

Product packaging, as an important means of marketing competition, is no longer "beautiful" in the simple sense, but should more reflect the characteristics, quality and personality of products

product packaging identification design is to provide a more direct and effective way for marketing communication, thus becoming an important part of the overall marketing communication strategy of enterprises, especially in the field of medical devices or automobiles. Three quarters of consumers' desire to buy is psychological and one quarter is functional

the packaging of a product highlights the information to be conveyed by the product, and allows consumers to condense the condensed emotional factors on the packaging, so as to stimulate the audience and promote sales. Therefore, the concept, selling points, brands, symbols and other elements of products should be skillfully presented on the product packaging

the key to product packaging design:

first, express the product characteristics and personality, and distinguish it from other products

II. Packaging form, color, graphics and other elements are easy for consumers to recognize and remember

III. The effective information conveyed is concise, clear and easy to distinguish

fourth, the marketing oriented product packaging design can stand out from the dazzling commodities, attract the "eyeballs" of consumers and improve the sales force

electronic products are a product with a slow purchase frequency. When choosing this product, sellers and consumers buy more rationally. They pay more attention to the quality, function, packaging and service of the product. Therefore, the service function and quality of packaging are an important link for consumers to feel the product quality and service

packaging is not based on whether business owners like it, but on the needs and habits of the market. There is an element of perceptual acceptance in any product, but the generation of consumer purchase behavior must be the result of rational analysis and demonstration

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