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The packaging and planning of famous brands is a systematic project. Creating famous brands requires both strategic planning and practical operation. The actual operation of creating a famous brand requires careful and comprehensive packaging planning, so as to cast the brand into a famous brand

advertising packaging planning advertising is regarded as an effective means to expand the popularity of enterprises and their products and improve market share because of its unique penetration and expansion. Advertising planning and packaging is a dynamic decision-making process, including advertising target planning, advertising strategy planning, advertising creative packaging, advertising form planning, advertising media planning, advertising effect analysis and so on

capital operation planning capital operation is the basis for the survival and development of Chinese famous brands. The planning points include: recognizing famous brand projects as the leader and establishing famous brand enterprise groups; Establish scientific internal management mechanism and external coordination relationship of famous brand enterprises; Give priority to the shareholding transformation of famous brand enterprises, absorb social resources, and expand the leading position of famous brands

famous brand packaging design the design of famous brand products with high impurity content must go beyond the ordinary, so as to form a unique brand image and different style pursuit. The key points of the packaging concept include: how to grasp the eyes of consumers, guide the market trend, guide the consumption concept, go beyond the fixed mode, etc., which is the premise to determine the brand grade

quality planning quality is the basis for the development of famous brands. Quality planning includes: marketability and technological progress of varieties and models, internal management of enterprises, quality certification, quality inspection, quality evaluation, quality insurance, service quality, etc

trademark planning as the brand of enterprise products, trademark is the first problem to be solved in brand planning. The fifth feature is trademark design, trademark registration, trademark publicity, trademark protection and trademark management

marketing planning marketing is the link between trademark form and quality content in the market. It is the most competitive process of enterprises. During the experiment, the circular sample is very difficult to clamp and not slide. Its planning points include advertising strategy, image packaging, price countermeasures, marketing network, pre-sales and after-sales service, etc

in order to achieve the organizational goals, public relations planning enterprises plan and design the overall public relations strategy, special public relations activities and specific public relations operations on the basis of full public relations investigation. The purpose of public relations planning is to attract the participation of the public, extensive media coverage, and the sensational effect

cis planning CIS strategy is an enterprise business strategy gradually developed in order to adapt to the changes of the business environment, especially the competitive environment. CIS strategy is a powerful means to shape the enterprise image and improve the enterprise performance

international competition planning to create world famous brands, we must carry out international competition planning of famous brands. Its planning points include: Trademark Internationalization, international public relations strategy, group strategy, international capital strategy

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