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Packaging requirements and methods of books and periodicals (Part I)

there is no unified standard for the packaging of books and periodicals. The following packaging requirements are proposed by referring to some regulations of Xinhua Bookstore storage and transportation company, not standards, but for reference only

I. packaging requirements

(1) hardcover books are packed with kraft paper of more than 80g/m2; Paperback books shall be packed with kraft paper of more than 70g/m2. If it is packed with other paper, the paper should be tough, not brittle and not broken

(2) according to the requirements of users, with the development trend of automobile lightweight and the increasingly stringent requirements of air quality in the car, books transported to other cities can be packed in cartons or other forms

(3) book packaging specifications

① package height. According to the size of the book, the height of each package is listed in table 9-1

table book package height

folio each package height (mm) remarks

8 folio 100 ~ 120

16 folio 100 ~ 120

24 folio 100 ~ 120

32 folio 200 ~ 220, including the size of 32 folio, up to 230mm

40 folio 100 ~ 120 double stack packaging

48 folio 100 ~ 120 double stack packaging

60 folio 200 ~ 220 double stack packaging

64 folio 200 ~ 220 double stack packaging stack packaging

② a set of books with a fixed price should be packaged together; Those priced separately should be packed separately

③ when packaging hardcover books with plastic covers and paperback books with plastic film covers, a piece of white paper with the same size as the opening of the book should be sandwiched between books to avoid adhesion

④ the laps of wrapping paper should be tightly wrapped and glued at the edge of the book according to the performance test of the breaking strength, elongation at break and maximum experimental force of the two space cotton tensile machines used for the package in the general experiment

⑤ when the thickness of a book paper is different, the thick book shall be taken as the standard when packaging

(6) the cross number of each knife in each package is specified in table 9-2

number of binding per package (this) number of cross cuts per knife in the package (this)

paperback 2 ~ 10 2, 4

paperback 11 ~ 30 5, 10

paperback 30 ~ 100 10, 20 odd parts limited to 5 copies

paperback 100 ~ 200 20, 30, 50 odd parts limited to 10 copies

paperback 200 copies above 40, 50 odd parts limited to 10 copies

Hardcover regardless of thickness 1 must be matched

(to be continued)

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