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"Substitute wood packaging" technology and product analysis

"substitute wood packaging" is an urgent problem to be solved at present. Wood packaging is the main packaging for the export of machine tools, hardware, military products and other products in China. According to the information of the State Administration for commodity inspection. China exports 4million wooden packages every year. Since 1999, the United States and the European Union have imposed restrictions on China's wood packaging exports. This will cause great obstacles and losses to China's export trade. The export value to Europe alone is as much as 7billion US dollars, which shows that wood packaging is imminent

I. paper packaging and its combined technology and innovation project

1 Purpose and significance

purpose: To study and use China's mature paper packaging technology, through innovation, design new structures, and use paper packaging and other packaging (such as treated wood structure, bamboo structure, metal structure, etc.) to make a reasonable combination, so as to increase strength, meet the original wood packaging function, and truly replace wood transportation packaging

significance: in view of the trade restrictions of EU and the United States on China's wood packaging products, combined with China's existing packaging industry advantages and future packaging development trend - green packaging. Solve the current urgent packaging trade barriers and expand exports. This is of great significance to the promotion of China's packaging industry, China's entry into WTO and the development of green packaging projects with Chinese characteristics

2. The technical level of similar projects at home and abroad

wood packaging is originally green packaging, and it is also the focus in Europe, America, Japan and other regions. However, all of them have been modified or fumigated by wood packaging, and some combined structures are also used. The proportion of wood in the whole package is gradually reduced except for oversized transportation packages (more than 1000 kg). The domestic situation is affected by the blocked export of wood packaging (untreated). Many units and individuals have carried out a lot of research work on wood packaging, trying to completely replace the existing wood packaging with a certain kind of packaging, such as honeycomb paperboard, bamboo plywood, fiber molding or fiber wood plastic laminate packaging. However, its effect is not ideal, and its promotion and application have not been effective. The reason is that any single material packaging (except metal) is difficult to replace wood packaging and become the mainstream. Combined "substitute wood packaging" is the key to solve the problem. For example, Zhuzhou Institute of technology used the combination of corrugated packaging and metal framework to solve the packaging problem of more than $4 million exported by Zhuzhou Times rubber and plastic group to the United States and Europe every year

3. The main contents of the study and the main technical and economic indicators

(1) the main contents of the study: ① the improvement and innovation of corrugated paper structure. For example, the corrugated layout is changed to cross layout to enhance the strength of all directions. ② Corrugated board strength enhancer, such as spraying, can enhance the penetration strength of the surface of corrugated paper and prevent moisture at the same time. ③ Efficient anti stripping adhesive enhances the bonding strength of corrugated paper and honeycomb corrugated board. ④ For the design experiment of honeycomb corrugated paper tray within 500 kg, the design of more than 500 kg uses the treated wood skeleton structure or metal skeleton and synthetic material skeleton. ⑤ Reinforcement technology. For heavy and loose parts, internal reinforcement wrapping technology and materials (tested by Zhuzhou Institute of Technology) are selected to increase the stability of objects in transportation

(2) the main technical and economic indicators

can ensure that various transportation conditions, such as sea and air transportation, meet the requirements of transportation standards with delivery, and the packaging price is close to or lower than the packaging price of pure wood

4. Technical feasibility analysis and preliminary preparations

this project is feasible. Because there are more than 400 corrugated paper (box) board production lines in China. Its packaging for transportation packaging mainly uses heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, and many foreign mechanical and electrical products also use heavy-duty corrugated cardboard as packaging. Only treated wood, metal or honeycomb paperboard are used on their skeletons or pallets, and these packages have been used to varying degrees in some export products in China in the past. Just how to design it to make it stronger and reduce costs is a technical problem that needs innovation. Therefore, it is technically feasible

preparatory work in the early stage: before that, China National Packaging Corporation has carried out a lot of research work in this area, and has a number of well-known enterprises in the packaging industry across the country. At the same time, experts have been organized to demonstrate and exchange for many times. Now, some packaging industry research institutes have been investigated, and full preparations have been made for this project

5. Technical key and main methods and measures

the technical key is: innovative design of corrugated paper reinforcement technology and composite skeleton, and optimize the structure

main methods and measures: select the technology and products of several enterprises (manufacturers and research institutions) with a certain research foundation in related technology to improve. Focus on the design and innovation of the combined structure, surface enhancer and framework (wood, metal, honeycomb paperboard, etc.) of paperboard, select the best combined structure, and standardize the packaging of products with different weights and volumes

6. Economic and social benefits

economic benefits will be more than 10billion yuan

good social benefits. It can save resources. Solve the problem that corrugated paper packaging cannot be used as large-scale transportation packaging, eliminate the problems encountered in export packaging, upgrade the packaging of export products, and promote the process of green packaging

II. Bamboo products packaging and its combination technology project

1 Objective and significance

Objective: To study the use of bamboo products and their combined packaging to replace wooden packaging, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting long-term growth wood forest resources and solving the obstruction of export transportation packaging

significance: the growth of bamboo is one year, while the growth cycle of wood is as long as years. China is poor in wood and forest resources. Replacing wood packaging with bamboo is of great significance to solve the trade barriers imposed by the European Union and the United States on China's wood packaging products and protect wood resources and ecological environment

2. The development technology level of similar projects at home and abroad

the use of natural bamboo packaging and raw bamboo has a long history. Traditional bamboo packaging technology can only solve the problem of small packaging (mostly bamboo baskets and frames). Now bamboo packaging uses the latest technology to realize the automatic production technology of high-efficiency and high-speed plate making and molding through pressing, gluing and other processes, that is, the production of bamboo plywood has become mature. Bamboo plywood produced by modern technology is combined with frames made of other materials (treated wood frames). It can be used for transportation and packaging of large and medium-sized products

3. The main contents of the study and the main technical and economic indicators

(1) the main contents of the study: ① study on the relationship between the structure and thickness of simple bamboo plywood and the specification of packaging. ② Research and experiment on the composite technology of bamboo and other non bamboo materials. ③ Research and experiment on the structure of tray and framework matched with bamboo plywood. ④ Research on different weight volume and overall packaging structure

(2) technical and economic indicators

weight, performance and price are better than pure wood packaging. In particular, the price is lower than that of wood packaging, which meets all kinds of transportation conditions and meets the requirements of export packaging. It is suitable for sea transportation, air transportation and other modes of transportation

4. Technical feasibility analysis and preliminary preparations

bamboo plywood technology has matured. Therefore, it is completely feasible to combine it with other materials to make transportation packaging technology. At present, some enterprises and research units in Hubei, Sichuan, Hunan and other provinces and cities have earlier research in this area and better technology. Their technology and products can be combined with high-strength and light-weight skeletons for export transportation packaging of large and medium-sized products, which is also successful through trial

preliminary preparations: experts have been organized for technical demonstration and exchange for many times, and the production and test conditions of many enterprises and research units have been investigated. Now, only a few units with technical foundation, certain production capacity and innovation capacity need to be selected for complementary advantages and strong alliances, which will soon break through the existing packaging problems and realize their industrialization

5. Technical key and main methods and measures

technical key: solve the design and innovation of framework materials and structures, and solve the problems of bamboo plywood thickness and adhesive used for products with different weight and size specifications

main methods and measures: select several units (manufacturers and research institutions) that have a certain research foundation for related technologies to improve their technologies and products. The combination structure of bamboo plywood as packing box board and wood (treated) wood and metal as skeleton is emphasized. Design the optimal structure and combination, and standardize the transportation packaging of products with different weights and sizes for selection

6. Economic and social benefits

economic and social benefits are very significant

bamboo and wood are also used for papermaking. But using bamboo plywood as packaging has more economic and social benefits than bamboo paper as packaging. For example, 4.5 tons of native bamboo can be used to make a ton of paper, including 0.37 tons of caustic soda, 1.5 tons of coal, 2 tons of water, 210 workers, 5 square kilometers of air pollution, and only tons of output value. Bamboo paper products are only about 1000 yuan per ton. Moreover, bamboo products are packed with 4.5 tons of bamboo plywood. The reported value of native bamboo plywood can reach more than 14400 yuan, and there is no pollution. Bamboo plywood is used as box board and treated wood as skeleton for export transportation packaging of mechanical and electrical products. Compared with pure wood packaging with the same performance, it can save several million cubic meters of wood for the country every year, and the annual profit and tax can reach more than one billion yuan. This shows that the benefits are very significant

III. fiber molding packaging technology

1 Purpose and significance

purpose: To study and utilize the existing fiber resources in China to develop fiber packaging materials and products that can replace wood and other high-value wood, and temporarily stabilize the price this week, so as to achieve the purpose of using waste as treasure and protecting resources and environment

significance: in view of the restrictions imposed by the European Union and the United States on the export of China's wood packaging products, combined with the fact that China's rich plant straw fiber materials have not been utilized, incineration has caused air pollution, and wood is widely used as raw materials (wood packaging or wood pulp packaging paper) in Baofen. Make the resources shortage, reduce the greening vegetation and cause environmental damage. Therefore, this project is of great significance to smooth export, protect resources and environment, and solve the contradiction between packaging and resource environmental protection

2. Research on the development level of similar projects at home and abroad shows that 1 ton of wood pulp requires 2 4 cubic meters of wood, while 1 ton of kraft pulp needs 3 2 cubic meters of wood. Therefore, due to the need of packaging, many trees are cut down in the world every year, which is the products to be transported to Kazakhstan. Now many countries in the world are exploring and studying pulping materials that can replace wood without damaging environmental protection. Through a large number of research experiments, the selection of crop straw in non wood fiber materials has become a research hotspot. The fiber materials of crop straw that have been used are mainly bagasse, rice husk, straw, cotton stalk, wheat straw, wheat husk, etc. The packaging products made of this kind of materials include tableware, trays, packaging liners and various packaging containers. The key technology is pollution-free. Directly crush the fiber material, and then add various ingredients. Press, mold or foam respectively

3. The main contents and main technical and economic indicators of the study

(1) research contents: ① study several representative plant fiber molding technologies that are still in the period of important strategic opportunities for development. Mainly straw, rice husk, cotton straw, wheat straw and citrus sugarcane plant fibers. ② Study degradable plant fiber

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