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The packaging used in the paper materials in the album design

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core tip: we all know that different papers have different uses. Now let's introduce the paper materials that can be used for continuous measurement and album design

[China Packaging News] we all know that different paper has different uses. Now let's introduce the paper materials in application and album design

album design writing paper

is a kind of cultural paper with large consumption. It is suitable for forms, exercise books, account books, notebooks, etc. for writing. It is divided into five grades: special number, No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4, and the quantitative quantity is 45 g/M2 to 80 g/m2. Quality requirements: the color is white, both sides are smooth, the texture is tight, and there is no water bleeding when writing

gravure paper for album design

paper used to print all kinds of color prints, periodicals, comics, albums, stamps and securities. Its specification and size are basically the same as that of paper, letterpress paper and offset paper, and there are also two kinds of roll paper and flat paper. Gravure paper printing requires high smoothness and shrinkage, and paper whiteness should be high, with good smoothness and softness

album design cast coating paper

also known as glass powder paper, is a kind of high-grade coated printing paper with a particularly smooth surface. It is coated on the base paper twice or once with a thick coating amount (20 to 39 grams on one side). When the coating is in a wet state, the coating surface is close to the highly polished chrome plating dryer, which is heated and dried in today's highly competitive environment. The speed is about 100 meters or less. The gloss is about 85, and there is no need to press polish. The coated paper is embossed with a pattern roller to make a cloth paper or chicken skin paper variable speed screw rod. Cast coated paper is mainly used for printing covers, inserts and high-grade cartons, while cloth paper and chicken skin paper are mostly used for printing calendars and business cards

album design paper

commonly known as white newspaper, its characteristics are soft and porous, has a certain institutional strength, good absorption, can make the ink penetrate and fix in a very short time, and will not be sticky when folded. It is used to print newspapers, periodicals and general books on high-speed rotary machines. The weight of paper is 51 grams/square meter, and the width of web paper is 1572 mm, 1562 mm, 787 mm and 781 mm; The size of the lithographic paper is 787mm x1092 mm. Paper printing adaptability, opaque, but low whiteness, surface smoothness is different, printing pictures should use a coarse mesh, easy to turn yellow and brittle after sunlight, not suitable for long-term storage

album design cardboard

also known as hemp cardboard, is a relatively strong cardboard used in cartons, which is widely used for shipping books, department stores, radios, televisions, machine parts and food. The quantitation is 200 g/m2, 310 g/m2, 420 g/m2 and 530 g/m2. The surface is flat and the mechanical strength is good

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