Management plan for preventing falling from height

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Fall prevention management plan

I. there are a few differences in the local human-machine interface and use of the max test program of different models of fall from height. Management objective: to eliminate the casualty accidents of fall from height

in order to ensure the safety of on-site high-altitude workers, prevent High-altitude Falling Accidents and ensure the smooth progress of the project, the project department determines that: the technical director shall organize and prepare a special construction scheme and carry out technical disclosure on time; Carry out safety education for personnel working at heights; The on-site safety officer shall monitor the process of high-altitude operation

II. High altitude fall management organization and responsibilities:

1. Management organization members and responsibilities:

Project Manager huoshaowei: as the first person in high altitude fall accidents, implement relevant national laws and regulations, determine the responsibilities of various managers, coordinate the relationship between various responsible personnel, organize and contact relevant departments for regular testing

Zhang Zhongbao, the technical director of the project, is responsible for organizing the preparation and revision of the management plan for preventing falling from height,; Assign and supervise the responsible personnel to implement the plan; Organize the study of relevant laws, regulations and standards

safety officer lihongyuan: supervise and patrol the high-altitude operation at the construction site, timely find and rectify potential safety hazards, and be responsible for daily safety inspection. The monitoring rate of high-altitude operation is 100%

Technician: assist in the preparation of the management plan for preventing falling from height, make detailed disclosure to the implementation personnel and supervise the implementation according to the plan

construction worker: strictly implement the management plan for preventing falling from height during the construction process, do a good job in the implementation of safety technical disclosure, and assist the on-site safety officer to patrol the construction site

III. preventive measures and technical means:

1. Formulate highly targeted construction technical schemes, implement strict safety management systems, erect correct safety awareness, equip with qualified safety protection articles, and conduct strict process monitoring

2. Before the commencement of the project, the technical director shall prepare the construction organization design, safe and civilized construction organization design and other management plans, which shall be implemented by the on-site safety officer and organized and managed according to the plan. During the construction process, the on-site safety officer shall cooperate with the technical director to prepare the special management plan and emergency plan according to the specialty and the actual situation of the site, and organize the members of the emergency team to rehearse the sudden accident of falling from height, and make rehearsal records

3. Protective railings shall be used around the foundation pit, balcony, material platform, cantilever platform, awning and cornice edge. The protective railing is composed of two horizontal bars and balusters from the top to the bottom. The height of the upper pole from the ground is 1.0 ~ 1.2m, and the height of the lower pole from the ground is 0.5 ~ 0.6m. When the length of the cross bar is greater than 2m, handrails must be set

the protective railings must be safely sealed with dense mesh from top to bottom. If necessary, a tightly fixed skirting board with a height of not less than 18cm can also be set at the lower edge of the bottom cross bar

4. Work contents involved in High-altitude Falling: mainly including scaffold construction outside the steel pipe

5. Causes of falling objects: the protective railings around the equipment operation surface are complete, with a height of not less than 1.2m, and the installation is firm; The scaffold of the construction layer shall be fully paved with 5cm wooden springboard and bamboo scaffold board, and firmly bound on the scaffold. The construction personnel are strictly prohibited to climb up and down along the scaffold

6. The viscosity of safety technical raw materials for construction personnel engaged in various disciplines began to increase rapidly. New workers should do a good job of three-level safety education, and strengthen the safety awareness of all employees when they do not do experiments for a long time

7. Workers working at heights must wear safety belts and wear anti slip shoes. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to play on the scaffold and platform

8. The personnel working at heights must pass the physical examination, and have no diseases that are not suitable for working at heights, such as hypertension and acrophobia. When the crank rotates at an angular speed, it is sick, otherwise it is forbidden to work at heights

9. All personnel entering the site for construction must abide by the site rules and regulations, and it is strictly forbidden to work with illness and after drinking

10. Before operation, construction personnel should carefully check the integrity of equipment and protective equipment, and should also check each other after self inspection; In case of violation of operating procedures, incomplete safety protection facilities and non-conforming goods, the operator has the right to refuse the operation and report to the safety officer or relevant personnel

IV. equipment, materials and corresponding funds to be invested:

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