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Anti electric shock management plan

I. project overview:

the electrical positioning of Xiangrui Lake Garden residential building in Chengdu, Sichuan Province includes the location determination of van type transformer, distribution room, distribution box, switch box and the direction of each circuit. According to the site conditions, the manufacturing technology of the lithium battery material is at the leading level in China. It is provided by Party A and introduced into the 400KVA box transformer about 220 meters (the farthest point). This means that if we do not liquidate them out of the power distribution room at the entrance of the construction site in the next few decades, we basically meet the principle that the substation and distribution station is close to the load center. Due to the large and complex power consumption on this site, From the general distribution room, three circuits and two circuits of power supply are supplied to the sub building distribution room. The distribution room is equipped with three circuits to supply tower cranes, reinforcement, carpentry, machinery and buildings respectively. The on-site office lighting is planned to be powered by one circuit

due to the characteristics of large working surface and many machines and equipment, the project adopts the underground laying of four core cables and three circuits from the compartment to the sub building number, and five core cables and four circuits from the sub building number to each power supply equipment

the first circuit: vv-3 50+2 35 cable is buried in the power distribution room, which is responsible for the power consumption of tower crane, mixer and site lighting

second circuit: from the power distribution room, vv-3 70+2 35 cable is buried into the reinforcement processing site to be responsible for the power consumption of flash butt welding machine, cutting machine, bending machine, straightening machine and woodworking shed mechanical equipment

third circuit: from the power distribution room, vv-3 50+2 25 cable is buried into the residential building to be used for vertical welding machinery secondary pressure equipment and lighting

fourth circuit: vv-316 cable is used from the power distribution room to enter the office area for power consumption

II. Management objective of electric shock prevention: prevent electric shock accidents

in order to ensure the safety of on-site construction, office and domestic electricity, prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents, and ensure the smooth progress of the project, the project department determines that: the technical director shall organize and prepare special construction plans, management plans, emergency plans, and carry out targeted safety technical disclosure; Set up a full-time electrician class and carry out training on the safe use of electricity for this class; The on-site safety officer shall monitor the construction power consumption process

III. anti electric shock management organization and responsibilities:

1. Management organization:

2. Responsibilities:

Project Manager huoshaowei: as the first person for the safety of electricity use in the project, he will implement relevant national laws and regulations, determine the responsibilities of all personnel, coordinate the relationship between all responsible personnel, and organize relevant responsible personnel to conduct safe electricity use inspection

Zhang Zhongbao, technical director of the project: responsible for organizing the preparation and revision of the safety management plan against electric shock; Preparation and improvement of special plans; The compilation of the emergency plan is based on the correctness of its data and exercises; And supervise the implementation of the plan by all responsible personnel; Organize the study of relevant laws and regulations

safety officer lihongyuan: supervise the implementation of the plan by the team and be responsible for the daily inspection of safe electricity use

Technician: prepare electric shock prevention management plan, special plan for temporary power use on site and emergency plan, and carry out detailed technical disclosure to the implementation personnel and supervise the implementation according to the plan

construction workers: strictly implement the anti electric shock management plan and temporary power use plan during the construction process, and carry out detailed technical disclosure of safe power use to the construction operators. Cooperate with the rehearsal work according to the requirements of the emergency plan

professional electrician: implement the specific implementation of disclosure

IV. preventive measures and technical means:

1. Adopt three-level distribution and two-level protection

three-level distribution: general distribution box (room), three-level distribution of distribution box and switch box

two-level protection: both distribution box and switch box must be protected by leakage protection switch, of which the switch box is the last level of leakage protection, and its action current is required to be no more than 30mA, action time is not more than 0.1s, and the leakage protection switch of distribution box is 50 Ma 70 Ma is appropriate

2. Formulate highly targeted construction technical schemes, implement strict safety management systems, erect correct safety awareness, equip qualified safety protection articles, and conduct strict process monitoring. Establish and improve the management system of safe electricity use, assign special personnel to be responsible for unified management, and earnestly achieve "safety first, prevention first"

3. Prepare external electrical protection measures according to the external electrical conditions of the construction site. The protection measures should have eye-catching safety signs, and the protection measures should have a certain safety distance, use non-conductive materials, and consider the safety of the protective shed itself. Attached are the protective measures for external electricity

4. The employment rate of electrical operators with certificates is 100%

5. Three level power distribution and two-level protection measures shall be taken for temporary power consumption at the construction site. The construction shall be erected according to the regulations, and there are grating power lines on the projection screen

6. Place dry powder portable fire extinguishers at obvious positions near the power distribution room and power distribution equipment on the construction site. And regularly check to ensure that the fire extinguisher is in good condition

7. The electrician of power distribution discipline is required to wear safety protection articles during operation, and it is strictly prohibited to operate against rules

8. The operation team is required to cut off the power supply of electrical equipment and lock the distribution box after the construction. Electricians are responsible for inspection and implementation

9. Professional electricians regularly conduct a leakage action test on the leakage protector; Check the components in the box regularly, and maintain or replace the unqualified components in time; The project department shall organize the inspection of safe electricity use once a month

10. Set up obvious publicity signs for safe use of electricity on site to identify electrical appliances, etc

11. Strict electricity management. The wiring must be operated by a certified professional electrician. Other construction personnel are strictly prohibited from pulling wires at the construction site

12. The construction electricity shall be accepted in accordance with the technical code for safety of temporary electricity on construction site

v. equipment, materials and corresponding funds to be invested for each building number of temporary electricity on site

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