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Management responsibilities of the asset management office

management responsibilities of the asset management office

I. instrument and equipment management

responsible for the supply and management of fixed equipment required for scientific research, production and maintenance of the Institute; According to the scientific research and production plan, prepare the annual plan for the supply of various instruments and equipment, and organize the implementation:

1 Management of large-scale instruments and equipment: be responsible for the dynamic management of large-scale instruments and equipment (the whole process of dynamic movement of instruments and equipment, such as plan preparation, approval, bidding, procurement, customs clearance, acceptance, installation, commissioning, commodity inspection, claim, in-service management, scrapping, disposal, etc.)

2. General instrument and equipment management; Be responsible for the dynamic management of general instruments and equipment (audit, procurement,

acceptance, installation, commissioning, accounting treatment, in-service management, scrapping, disposal, etc.)

3. Laboratory construction management:

responsible for the formulation and implementation of laboratory construction and instrument and equipment renewal plan

be responsible for the review of the transformation and expansion plan of the public laboratory

organize the formulation of the management system of various public laboratories, the use and operation procedures of key instruments and equipment, and establish and improve the technical archives of instruments and equipment

organize and coordinate the installation and commissioning of large-scale precision instruments and equipment

experiment, office furniture configuration and in use management

4. Equipment technology management:

responsible for the measurement, testing and standardization management of the whole institute; The group of metrological certification and laboratory accreditation respects customers: organizational management

be responsible for organizing and coordinating the development and production of non-standard instruments and equipment

be responsible for the verification management of pressure vessels in the whole institute

verification of external testing fees, accounting and carry forward of internal testing fees

participate in the management of scientific research funds and the accounting of related topics

II. Material accounting management

responsible for the accounting treatment of scientific research equipment such as instruments and equipment, raw materials, rare and precious metals

be responsible for statistical analysis of requisition of scientific research materials; Material statistics and quality record control

submit statistical statements of various materials in time according to the regulations of the superior

III. rare and precious metals management

including plan application, warehousing, acceptance, leasing, storage, processing and production, loss verification, stock return, rent accounting, collection and security control

IV. management of raw and auxiliary materials for scientific research and production:

according to how Jinan gold testing machine detects the scientific research and production demand of the brake system project, prepare the annual plan of raw material supply, and organize the implementation

prepare, review and approve purchased parts, outsourced parts plans and procurement materials

control the purchased raw and auxiliary materials through the purchase control procedure and the supplier evaluation and selection control procedure; Implement fixed-point procurement for materials that directly affect product performance

many chemical materials in charge of the material warehouse can cause real-time or chronic stimulus response management; Check the storage capacity, and ensure the storage and supply of raw and auxiliary materials for scientific research and production according to the procurement data

v. real estate management:

1 Management of experimental rooms:

be responsible for the management of the fixed real estate and its ancillary facilities of the whole institute, arrange and adjust the laboratory rooms according to the needs of scientific research and production, and collect funds according to Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the all China passenger car Federation

2. Operational real estate management:

responsible for the management of real estate used for operation: negotiation and signing of contracts; Service and maintenance of real estate; Rental fee collection and others

3. Staff housing management: the management of public housing and staff dormitory in the system

includes handling the rent accounting and collection of public housing in the system, and the repair business of public housing in the system; Deal with the purchase and sale of public housing

4 Monetization of housing distribution: formulation and implementation of the monetization plan for employees' housing; Responsible for the verification of employees' real estate and the establishment of housing archives

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