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The regulations for the implementation of the drug administration law of the people's Republic of China shall enter into force on September 15, 2002. Chapter VI of the regulation stipulates the "management of drug packaging":/p>

the food bags used by drug production enterprises must indicate the packaging materials and containers that directly contact drugs, must meet the pharmaceutical requirements and the standards to ensure human health and safety, and must be approved and registered by the Ministry of drug supervision and administration of the State Council. Packaging materials and containers in direct contact with drugs, management measures and product catalogue. And pharmaceutical requirements and standards shall be formulated and published by the pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative department of the State Council

during the production of traditional Chinese medicine drinks, customers should constantly take photos of the products, and should choose packaging materials and containers suitable for the properties of the drugs. Traditional Chinese medicine pieces whose packaging does not meet the requirements should not be sold. The package of prepared slices of traditional Chinese medicine must be printed or pasted with labels. The label of Chinese herbal pieces must indicate the product name, specification, place of origin, manufacturer, product batch number and h period. The Chinese Herbal Pieces subject to approval number management must also indicate the drug approval number

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