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Management of private enterprises as an important effective force, private enterprises are playing an increasingly important role in the big stage of China's economy. Not only has the state issued relevant policies to support the development of private enterprises, but also there have been some influential private enterprises such as Huali and hope in China. Nevertheless, we have to admit the fact that most private enterprises in China have not yet divorced from the growth period of development, and are still in a state of extinction at any time due to a wrong decision or economic cycle fluctuations. In addition, some private enterprises, although in promising industries, are sluggish in growth and unable to complete orders. Some private enterprises need low-cost and efficient operation, but their responsibilities are unclear, Especially in the high temperature environment of 1000 (1) 300 ℃, the organization has a serious bureaucratic tendency

there are many theories and explanations about the problems of private enterprises in the theoretical circle, But to sum up, it is nothing more than the following aspects:

enterprise management system seeks a breakthrough

shortcomings of enterprise strategic ability

misleading of enterprise core competence

shortsightedness of enterprise talent team construction

leadership problems in the development of private enterprises

corporate culture construction of private enterprises

business development planning of private enterprises

in fact, the above problems are not only private enterprises The problem is that most Chinese enterprises, including state-owned enterprises, exist more or less. And the existence of this problem is not due to the different nature of ownership and enterprises, but due to the short time of China's market economy and the imperfect accumulation and development of enterprise management under the state of marketization. Private enterprises have their own characteristics in management

according to our research, the management problems of enterprises operating in China have different symptoms and causes among state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises. For state-owned enterprises, the main problem is that management deviates from the needs of market economy due to institutional reasons, that is, they know how to do it, but they can't do it due to institutional reasons; For foreign-funded enterprises, the main problem is that the management caused by cultural reasons does not conform to the psychology and behavior habits of Chinese citizens, that is, it is doing the wrong way; The most fundamental problem in the management of private enterprises is the management blind spot caused by the unclear understanding of the mechanism of self-interest generation, that is, the environment has changed, and I don't know what to do, which is mainly reflected in the management of employee relations

as we all know, with the development of western market economy, the development of modern management has also experienced a systematic process of Taylor scientific management, Maslow human nature management and corporate culture management, and this process is also due to the development of the whole social civilization and the continuous progress of human nature. Compared with state-owned enterprises, the development process of private enterprises in China is more similar to that of western enterprises, from the purpose of enterprise existence to the personal quality of most entrepreneurs, from the development conditions of enterprises to the development process of enterprises. Therefore, we can conclude that the management development history of western enterprises can now be condensed into the enterprise management development process of Chinese private enterprises with simple operation

at present, the management of private enterprises is in the process of transforming from Taylor management concept to Maslow management concept. Only by solving this problem can the enterprise problems mentioned at the beginning be solved

the west is a country that recognizes private ownership, and the distribution of enterprise interests is determined by the investment of original monetary capital, so the owners of western enterprises hope to obtain more profits from employees as much as possible. This is the premise of Taylor's economic man hypothesis of scientific management. Its main practice is simple piece rate wages, mainly punishing workers' work enthusiasm and work effect. Generally speaking, harsh, strict and surplus, and workers' lack of security were the biggest characteristics of management at that time

however, with the development of society, although the scientific management under the assumption of economic man can still ensure that the wage for workers is lower than the value created by workers, the situation of low work efficiency of workers due to psychological reasons began to appear, and the phenomena of Deliberately Destroying equipment, slacking off work, being irresponsible for work, often leaving office and so on are common

among the private enterprises we have consulted, although most enterprises will have one or another problems in standardized management and corporate culture construction, the most fundamental problem of almost all enterprises is the lack of human motivation. Without solving this problem, any good strategic ideas and plans of any enterprise can not be fully implemented. Taking the wage structure as an example, many private enterprises adopt the piece wage system for workers' wages of plastic and rubber products. However, due to the problems of equipment and enterprise market development, the operating capacity of enterprises is insufficient, so the income of workers has greatly decreased, resulting in workers' dissatisfaction. In addition, some enterprises do not adopt a scientific salary design mode, but adopt a negotiated salary payment method according to the actual situation, which will lead to workers' complaints and complaints no matter how much they pay, and the phenomenon of resignation is widespread

for any enterprise, it can't effectively solve the working motivation of personnel, and all its good ideas are just castles in the air. For private enterprises, the key to solve the problem of employees' motivation is for the owners and managers of enterprises to change their own values. How to judge their own enterprise value creation mechanism. For example, a private enterprise often stops production because of equipment problems, and many orders are lost. The reason why the equipment often goes wrong is that the enterprise does not have a good design. Dow and DuPont have their own advantages in business and have technicians to maintain the equipment. The reason why the enterprise does not have equipment technical maintenance personnel is that the person in charge of the company has made such a judgment: what do I do with a technician when my equipment is OK? The normal value judgment logic is: the purpose of spending some salary to support a technician is to make the equipment free from any failure and create bigger problems

in another private enterprise, the person in charge of the enterprise has been unable to find a satisfactory senior manager. The logic is: "even I can't manage the enterprise well, how can an outsider manage it well". In his view, workers need to be managed by threats and coercion. Without him, who has the final decision-making power, it is impossible to deter workers. It clearly shows his biased and stagnant understanding of workers' human nature

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