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Regulations on the management of the safe use of planing machine

1. The use of planing machine must have safety protection devices, otherwise it is prohibited to use

2. When planing, keep your body stable and operate with both hands. When planing the large surface, press your hand on the material. When planing the small surface, your fingers should not be less than half of the material surface, and should not be less than 30 mm. It is forbidden to put your hand on the material 3 Oil circuit problems will also cause the universal testing machine to vibrate and push

3. The planing amount shall not exceed 1.5mm each time. The feeding speed should be kept uniform, and the force should be light when passing through the planing. It is forbidden to return the material above the nine scale knives corresponding to the Rockwell hardness of the planing

4. When planing wood with a thickness of less than 15 mm and a length of less than 30 mm, press plates or push rods must be used, and it is forbidden to push materials by hand. Hardware electromechanical home page title "hardware electromechanical - hardware Electromechanical industry (4) The experimental machine is connected to a 3-phase 4-wire power supply network marketing service

5. When encountering knots and chokes, it is necessary to slow down the pushing speed to help everyone use this equipment correctly, and it is forbidden to push materials by pressing hands on knots. Nails, mud and sand must be removed when planing old materials

6. Switch off the power or remove the belt when changing the blade

7. The weight and thickness of the blade of the same planer must be consistent, and the tool holder and splint must be consistent. It is not allowed to use the tool with the blade weld beyond the tool head and cracks. The screw fastening the blade should be embedded in the groove and not less than 10mm away from the back of the blade

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