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Product introduction of Zijinqiao cross platform real-time database

realhistorian is the core basic software of industrial informatization and the core supporting software of big data, cloud computing, IOT and other industries. At the call of national integration of industrialization and industrialization, Zijinqiao software, with years of development experience and a large number of user feedback, has meticulously built a Zijinqiao cross platform real-time database realhistorian, actively responded to made in China 2025 and thoroughly implemented the current national planning outline, helped traditional enterprises carry out intelligent transformation, realized production digitalization, and helped the take-off of national intelligent manufacturing

realhistorian is a real-time database integrated application platform based on c/s and b/s structure. It has a large data capacity of a single machine, and uses the latest hypertext markup language to achieve multi terminal integrated web access. It perfectly supports browsing on a variety of mobile devices, such as tablets, etc., effectively improves the automation level and operability of intelligent devices, and provides convenience for practical operation

realhistorian is truly independent cross platform software, which can be perfectly combined with domestic systems (such as Kirin Series) and domestic hardware (CPU represented by Godson), greatly expanding the application field of the software. It can be widely used in national defense information construction and national economy and people's livelihood industries, ensuring the first pass of national industry information security, and making contributions to China's national defense security and information security, Assist in the localization of key data ecosystems

2. Software feature

1) the excellent data engine

realhistorian adopts an original and efficient data structure, so that the capacity of a single database can reach 8million test points, and the peak processing capacity of read-write data can reach 1million data per second, supporting more than 1000 concurrent client connections to operate at the same time

2) cross platform application capability

it supports windows, Kirin series, RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS and other Linux operating systems. In addition to x86 computers, it can also run on godson, mega core, Feiteng and Shenwei computers. Distributed cross platform deployment, the same project can be copied to different systems for direct operation, eliminating the inconvenience caused by operating system restrictions, that is, to achieve project compatibility

3) mobile device browsing

using HTML5 technology, users can achieve the same browsing effect as the PC through the browser on a variety of mobile devices without downloading any plug-ins or clients, and there is no restriction on the operating system of the device

4) embedded system support capability

realhistorian adopts a tailorable system architecture and good cross platform characteristics, and can adapt to a variety of embedded devices and operating systems with different configurations (Embedded Linux, VxWorks, wince, etc.)

5) easy to build distributed architecture

users can quickly build a distributed architecture through realhistorian. Data sources are used as communication links between nodes without cumbersome configuration, that is, resin and a little rubber can complete data communication, and data can be transmitted in multi-channel and two-way

6) multi process/multi thread mechanism

realhistorian can dynamically match system resources. The database and device driver adopt the single program multi process design mode to maximize the utilization of system resources, greatly improve the overall fault tolerance of the system and ensure the optimal operation effect

7) flexible historical playback

realhistorian supports historical playback of database points and related animations and controls. Historical playback and real-time images can run independently. Users can quickly identify accident data and time points by retrieving historical data, and optimize process analysis. It is an essential and important tool for project monitoring

3. Software function

1) cross connection

in the server client distributed system architecture, one or both parties often have no fixed IP. The cross connection technology of Zijin bridge can realize the reverse connection when the server has no fixed IP, and can also realize data communication through a third-party transfer with fixed IP when both the server and the client have no fixed IP, and the number of clients is unlimited

2) breakpoint continuation 5.5 calculate the acceleration power spectral density slope (db/oct) formula and transmit it to

realhistorian. When the data provider software communicates with the data acquisition software, if the network fails or the data acquisition software restarts after exiting, the data provider software can temporarily store the historical data during the disconnection period and automatically recover to the data provider software. The breakpoint continuation function ensures the integrity and consistency of historical data

3) web publishing

realhistorian uses webserver supported by the operating system to easily realize one click publishing. The visitor can browse directly without loading any controls or changing any settings of the browser

4) the built-in sql

realhistorian uses standard SQL statements to realize the data query function to obtain real-time data, historical data, statistical data and alarm data from the real-time database. SQL statements are simple to use. Users only need to query according to certain query standards. In addition, the nesting of SQL statements also makes it very flexible

5) graphic template

a complete graphic template includes two parts: data model and graphic model. Users can define repeated references at one time, that is, template instantiation. The graphic model part can synchronously update referenced instantiated objects through template modification. The data model part can dynamically modify associated variables, so as to increase the flexibility of template instantiation and greatly reduce the workload of repetition

6) the object-oriented scripting language

realhistorian has very high script execution efficiency, provides rich control statements and built-in functions, and supports window level user-defined functions. The software provides intelligent means such as script assistant and script prompt, which makes the script writing simple and easy to learn

7) exquisite sub image library

realhistorian provides users with thousands of exquisite sub images with three-dimensional effects, covering all walks of life, and can quickly customize sub images of related industries according to user needs

8) rich statistical controls

provide more than ten kinds of statistical controls in different presentation forms, such as radar chart, wind rose, Gantt chart, etc

9) dual machine hot standby

that is, you can specify one machine as the primary database and the other as the hot standby database. The contents of the hot standby database are synchronized with those of the main database in real time, including real-time data, historical data, statistical data, operation events, and alarm records of various exhibitions of extrusion technology suppliers. The hot standby database monitors the status of the primary database in real time. Once it is found that the primary database stops responding, it will take over control

10) table

realhistorian table can set a variety of input and output methods and can be merged at will. It supports dynamic increase or decrease of rows or columns of the report in the running environment. Each cell can independently set its own background color, background bitmap, font, script and trigger action, and can display multiple lines of content. Embedded SQL is embedded in the table to quickly insert real-time data, historical data, alarm data and statistical data into the table according to the specified rules. The table has a powerful script support function to commercialize the material. It supports all the functions provided by the software. At the same time, it also provides a wealth of proprietary functions. You can dynamically modify various attributes of the report through the script

table attributes:

the header has the same attributes as the cell, and its attributes can be specified

you can set to show or hide the header, the entire table, table lines and borders

line labels can be automatically numbered or customized

column width can automatically adapt to content

11) acquisition interface

realhistorian supports thousands of i/o communication interfaces, supports various DCS, PLC, power protocol, intelligent instrument, intelligent module, frequency converter and board card, provides standard OPC and MODBUS clients, and can customize and develop special drives according to customer needs

12) thorough security management

realhistorian supports security management policies at the user group level. Permission restrictions include access to the configuration system, window access and system exit permission during configuration operation, database operation (login and exit) and read-write permission; In the distributed system, the security management server can be specified to realize centralized security management, and the data communication between nodes can be encrypted

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