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The Cambodian cement project "made in Luoyang"

was contracted by CITIC Heavy Industries to build a cement plant in the country with the highest density of mines in the world - the Cambodian cement project "made in Luoyang"

a few days ago, on the production line of Cambodia's CMIC 5000t/d cement project, with the first truck of limestone being poured into the feeding pit of the crushing system, the whole production line was successfully operated and the commissioning with materials was completed at one time. The move marks that the Cambodian CMIC project, which was generally contracted by CITIC Heavy Industries Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CITIC Heavy Industries before using the metal impact testing machine), officially entered the load trial production stage with the continuous appearance of new raw materials, new singers and new works

the CMIC project of CITIC Heavy Industries, as the general contractor, is a joint venture between Cambodia Jimao group and Thailand SCCC cement company in Cambodia. It is the cement production line with the largest single track scale and the highest modernization in Cambodia undertaken by CITIC Heavy Industries. It will become one of the international benchmark projects in the future

CITIC Heavy Industries is the general contractor to build a cement plant in the country with the highest density of mines in the world - the Cambodian cement project "made in Luoyang"

cmic project plays an important role in Cambodia. During the foundation laying of the project, Prince Saichong, chairman of the Cambodian Senate, and other officials attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, on July 26, 2016, the first overseas party branch of CITIC Heavy Industries was officially established in the CMIC project department in Kampot Province, Cambodia, thousands of miles away from the headquarters in Luoyang

in Kampot Province, Cambodia, the CMIC project team of CITIC Heavy Industry has created "miracles" one after another. Installing exhaust gas purification catalysts on cars is the most effective way to control exhaust gas pollution: under the harsh working environment of "three plus high" with many poisonous snakes, mines, mosquitoes and high temperatures, the CMIC project team has ensured the project implementation with the fastest speed and the best quality, and achieved zero accidents

in the 1970s, during the Cambodian Vietnam War, the two sides planted 6million mines of various types on this land, forming a rare high-density and illegible mixed minefield in the world. The United Nations estimates that at the current level of science and technology, it will take 1100 years to clear all mines

The popularity will also be further expanded

engineering construction will be carried out in the country with the highest density of mines in the world, and CITIC Heavy Industry is facing an unprecedented test

in March 2016, at the beginning of the construction of CMIC project, the construction team dug up two mines during the initial geological exploration. "It was on a dense grass field where one person was tall. I was so brave at that time!" Panwusheng, CMIC project manager of CITIC Heavy Industries, recalled

from a wasteland to a civil engineering project, and then to a cement production line that has taken shape; From preliminary planning to geological exploration, to civil engineering and installation, CITIC Heavy workers have continuously demonstrated "Chinese speed" and "Chinese spirit"

when the main works of the project were started, the CITIC Heavy Industry team entered the 24-hour "focus on operation" stage. In the first half of the night, it was OK. In the second half of the night, in addition to fighting mosquitoes, we had to fight sleepiness. Finally, the project successfully completed the node task, which was affirmed and appreciated by the subcontractor and the owner

according to the plan, the CMIC project will be completed and put into operation in September this year

according to the relevant person in charge of CITIC Heavy Industry, the company will adhere to the concept of green and low carbon in strict accordance with international standards to ensure that all indicators of the cement production line reach the world advanced level. After the project is completed, it can directly provide 500 local jobs, and will also become the largest, most advanced, most energy-saving and lowest carbon emission cement plant in Cambodia

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