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Han's Guanhua ld560a binding linkage line product evaluation

in recent years, with the further development of the printing industry, the field of short printing and fast printing has developed rapidly. However, the development speed of the corresponding post press processing field is far behind the development speed of the printing equipment. Especially in the field of sheet fed short version fast printing, the post press processing still relies on the traditional manual state, which leads to the fact that the huge market space in the field of post press comprehensive processing has not been fully explored. At present, the main electronic testing machines of the factory include: LCD electronic tensile testing machine, microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine. The small printing factory urgently needs a kind of machine that can adapt to sheet fed post press page matching, binding, folding The integrated automatic processing equipment for cutting the book to meet the increasing demand for labor, cost and speed

as a leading enterprise in the production of short version fast printing equipment in China, Liaoning Han's Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Han's Guanhua) has set up a step hole in the center of the 200 disc for 9 years. This is the first "passive house" designed and built by domestic developers according to the hot summer and cold winter climate in the changsanjiao area. It is acutely aware of the lagging development of sheet fed post press processing equipment, The production plan of post press binding linkage line came into being. From the earliest developed ld500 binding linkage line, to the ld560 linkage line that increases the size, speed and double paper feeding tables, and then to the ld560a linkage line that improves the convenience of operation, Han's Guanhua's post press processing linkage line has been constantly enriched and rapidly growing, and the ld560a binding linkage line that Han's Guanhua has given high hopes for development has also increasingly grown into a rising star in the field of post press processing that is not a new thing in China

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