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Bidding for the first batch of marine instrument and equipment procurement projects of SOA in 2018

advanced marine equipment is the fundamental guarantee for realizing the major strategy of building a marine power. The active development of marine high-tech industry is inseparable from the development of marine instruments, so as to further meet the needs of national marine rights and interests maintenance, comprehensive marine management, marine national defense and security, marine environmental protection, marine economic construction and resource development. The state has accelerated the development of the industrialization of marine instruments and equipment

this is first reflected in the government procurement market. Recently, the South China Sea survey technology center of the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) conducted public bidding for the first batch of marine instrument and equipment procurement projects in 2018. The procurement budget of the project is 4.815 million stone hammers, and the official bid opening time is may7,2018. Relevant instrument manufacturers can seize business opportunities

it is reported that the purchased instruments and equipment include 27 sets, including ship meteorological instrument 1, ship meteorological instrument 2, ship meteorological instrument 3, underwater glider, rapid response temperature and salt depth sensor, oil platform observation system, surface drifting buoy 1, surface drifting buoy 2, unmanned boat, polar automatic real-time tide level observation system, atmospheric waveguide monitoring system, ship automatic observation system, salinity meter, etc. Details are as follows:

improving the basic equipment and high-end devices of marine instruments and equipment is not the end point. As global science and technology enter a new round of intensive innovation era, marine engineering and science and technology are developing towards big science and high technology, showing a green, integrated, intelligent and far-reaching development trend, which is also the development direction of China's related industries and technologies

in the new economic era, China will strive to realize the industrialization of marine monitoring instruments and equipment, and 2 Sample size: the size of the tested parts is different from that of the developed countries in this field, which changes the current situation that most of the marine monitoring equipment depend on imports, and promotes the technological progress of the marine monitoring equipment industry. It is believed that driven by the strategy of building a maritime power, the development of marine equipment will reach a new level

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